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Procedure for Institutional Strategic Planning, Deployment and Effectiveness

Lake Erie College uses the Procedure for Institutional Strategic Planning, Deployment and Effectiveness guide to provide a structured approach to planning. A Presidents retreat occurs in June of each year. At the retreat, the cabinet review progress made on all planning processes, including the Strategic Plan, VP Overarching Development Plans (ODP), AQIP Action Projects and quality improvement updates (System Portfolio process). Institutional priorities for the next fiscal year are determined by the review process.

Current Planning Priorities

In recent years, and in light of the current challenging environment that is higher education, it has become apparent that planning for the future must be a priority. The demands of tomorrow require us to be entrepreneurial today, and careful planning will prepare the College to progress forward and firmly secure viability for the years to come. In an effort to foster this process, the College has begun to develop a new edition of its Strategic Plan. The purpose of the new plan is to provide a general framework for specific planning efforts within each identified priority. These specific efforts will come in the form of annual Overarching Development Plans (ODPs) developed by those members of the campus community with responsibility for carrying out the objectives within each strategic priority.

The work that is completed

To chart the course of the next few years, Lake Erie College looked to a cross-functional planning committee. This committee includes representation from the board, cabinet, faculty and staff, AQIP committee members, and will make use of information gathered from Lake Erie’s stakeholders The planning committee has convened several times since December of 2012 to discuss the community’s needs and the role the college will play in upcoming years. Thus far we have identified three priorities; established goals and objectives; and are in the midst of identifying actions for the future. These actions will build on successes from previous years, capitalize on the College’s strengths, and effectively use limited resources to meet the college’s plan. The strategic plan will not spell out everything the College does or will do in the future. Instead, emphasis in the plan will be placed on new directions and existing areas where further development is needed over the next few years.

The work that follows

In the upcoming months, the Strategic Planning Committee will steward the plan development and assist in clearing obstacles that will inhibit its success. New developments and data that could alter the plan development will be brought to the Strategic Planning committee members for their review and insight. Given the close connection between strategic planning and continuous improvement at Lake Erie College, and the dual role served by the members of the AQIP Committee, work for both efforts will be aligned whenever possible and completed with an appreciation for the necessary work and vital purpose of each on campus. In October 2013, after months of defining, planning, rebuilding, reviewing internal and external environmental factors and listening to stakeholders, the planning committee expects to recommend and submit the new edition of the Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees for adoption. To see the success we have made to date please access the Strategic Planning Workbook, linked below. This workbook includes a glossary of terms, templates, worksheets, and helpful tips designed to facilitate the development of the new Strategic Plan.

Overarching Development Plan (ODP) - Plans developed and used by Senior Administration and each Division/Department to determine its course of action (action items/steps) that will include:
  • Goals, objectives and action items
  • Progress measures or evidence
  • Supporting objectives (who, what, priority, when) for each Key Result Area of the College, written and distributed to each major area.
Overarching Development Plans (ODP) 2011-2012
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