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Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Program Overview
Lake Erie College first offered the master of business administration degree in 1981, and since then, nearly 1,200 business leaders have earned their M.B.A. at Lake Erie. The program enables graduates to expand their horizons and assume progressively more responsible managerial duties. Classes are small and are taught by qualified faculty and individuals with substantial managerial experience as well as advanced academic credentials.

Currently, every candidate for the Ohio CPA examination must have completed 150 college credits before she/he may sit for the examination. Generally, students complete their undergraduate work with 120 to 130 credit hours. Most students will, therefore, need to take additional course work. Under the Lake Erie College Accelerated M.B.A. Program, students can obtain the additional required course credits while earning the M.B.A. degree in less time than it would otherwise take.

Students with undergraduate degrees in accounting who intend to take the CPA exam in Ohio will be considered for admission to the Accelerated M.B.A. Program for accounting majors. Students from any accredited college or university are eligible. Students earning a bachelor's degree in accounting who have a grade point average of not less than 2.50 and have successfully completed an undergraduate cost accounting course with a grade of "B" or better, can complete the M.B.A. degree program by completing ten, rather than the normally required twelve, courses. Upon completion of this unique program, participating students will have earned the M.B.A. degree as well as the additional course credits required for eligibility to sit for the Ohio CPA examination.

The Lake Erie College Accelerated Weekend M.B.A. Program is designed for individuals with significant work experience and strong academic records. Students admitted to the Accelerated Weekend M.B.A. program can earn the M.B.A. degree in a period of eleven months by attending classes for full days on Saturdays. Qualified students in the traditional weekday evening M.B.A. program may take occasional accelerated Saturday courses by permission of the dean of business.

The M.B.A. Curriculum
The Lake Erie M.B.A. is designed for general managers. It is possible, however, to choose electives to build a concentration in Healthcare Administration. The General Management track will broaden a student's overall knowledge in business administration. All students must complete twelve (12) courses: nine (9) core/ required and three (3) electives.

Students who do not have an educational background in business, and whose business experience is limited, may be required to begin the program with foundation course(s). MBA 502 (Fundamental of Financial Accounting) and /or MBA 501 (Quantitative Skills for Business Study). All students must complete 12 (twelve) courses, 9 (nine) core courses and 3 (three) electives for a total of 36 semester hours. All coursework must be completed within 10 (ten) years of matriculation.

M.B.A. Lifelong Learning Guarantee
Graduates of the Lake Erie College Master of Business Administration program are eligible to enroll in additional MBA coursework for the rest of their lives at no additional costs. Registration is on a non-credit basis and is subject to space availability in scheduled courses. Students must complete a Lifelong Learner application and registration form in the Registrar's Office. The coursework will be transcripted as an Audit grade in the Professional Development division of the college. Students may retake coursework previously completed in the MBA program. 

Core (Required) Courses

General Management Electives (select three):

Health Care Administration Concentration Electives

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