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Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

Our small department, with dedicated faculty and great flexibility in coursework, guarantees close, personal attention to your interests and to your development as a scholar in the field.

Majoring in English prepares you for a variety of professional goals and is closely linked with the College's liberal arts mission to produce students who are critical and creative thinkers and who are prepared to take their places in the international community. The English major is a broad and flexible program building on the liberal arts foundation all students experience at Lake Erie College, and prepares students for careers in education, publishing, writing, research and journalism; in fact, the versatility of this degree, with its emphasis on analytical and critical thinking, in addition to honing excellent writing skills, makes English majors attractive job candidates in many fields. The program also offers excellent preparation for admission to graduate school.

Studying literature allows you to develop skills that are essential both to your humanity but also, more pragmatically, in the working world. Literary study hones your critical and analytical skills, sharpens your communication skills, both written and oral, exposes you to a broad spectrum of disciplines, enlarges your realm of experience and fosters understanding of and compassion for the human condition, and provides intellectual and emotional pleasure.

The major in English is directed towards the student who seeks a background in British and American literature as the basis of study in the liberal arts or who wishes to pursue graduate studies in the field. Students may also wish to combine courses in English with a major in another field such as history or communication.

Requirements for this Major:

48 semester credits including:

and 12 semester credits of British Literature from the following:

and 8 semester credits of American Literature from the following:

and 4 semester credits from the following:

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