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Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

The study of history allows students to develop essential skills such as the ability to gather and assess evidence, and to compare and evaluate differing accounts and conflicting interpretations of events—skills essential to the contemporary job market.

History is often one of the majors for those going on to law school, as well as into government and private sector positions that require the ability to research and evaluate documents, or for those interested in international relations, politics, diplomacy, archival and library work, and even for writing careers, along with teaching.

The history major at Lake Erie College provides students with a broad exposure to the records of human experience. History is a vehicle for both self-discovery as well as insight into the processes of change in the ways societies function and respond to change, as well as how individual people construct their lives. The program is structured to balance the need for knowledge of particular, essential events with that for individual inquiry into problems or questions based on areas of personal interest, both of which are essential to intellectual development.

The major in history prepares students for employment in many areas, including government, state and federal, in the fields of civil service and diplomacy, among others, in business for those companies with international markets and in museums, archival repositories, libraries, historical societies in media, as well as several other fields. Secondary education students planning to teach history and other social studies fields also benefit from a concentration in history as a content area. Students with a degree in history frequently go on to graduate school, whether for history, law, political science, international studies or multi-disciplinary studies.

Requirements for this Major:

48 semester credits including:

and eight semester credits from the following:

and twelve 200-level semester credits from any 200-level HI offerings

and twelve 300-level semester credits from any 300-level HI offerings

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

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