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Italian Studies

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

The major in Italian Studies allows students to examine and experience a culture that is foundational to Western art, literature, cuisine, and design. 

Through coursework in language acquisition and grammar, film, literature, architecture, and history, students gain valuable skills as well as insight into another culture.

Opportunities for study and internships abroad allow students to immerse themselves in language and culture other than their own, gain practical experience, and to enlarge their intellectual and personal horizons.

 A concentration in Italian language, culture, and professional and social practices is one option as well within the International Business major, and speaks to the value and importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness for success in the global economy.

Since the ancient Roman times, "Italy" has been exporting its civilization around the world (in particular in the western world), in areas of classical literature,humanism, science, art, history, political and moral thought, music, design, fashion, film, and cuisine. Italy has produced some of the most remarkable cultural works of western civilization (e.g. Michelangelo's frescos and sculptures, Leonardo da Vinci's and Galileo's genius, Dante's Divine Comedy, Machiavelli's essays, Vivaldi's, Verdi's and Puccini's music compositions, De Sica's and Fellini's films, Armani's, Gucci's and Versace's fashion houses) and founded the first University in Europe. Italy is one of the founding fathers of the European Union and is its third largest economy. The major in Italian Studies affords access to one of the richest cultural traditions as well as to one of Europe's most vital contemporary societies.

The major in Italian Studies allows the student to understand, appreciate and analyze this treasury of human expression while broadening his/her cultural and intellectual horizons. It will deepen the student's creativity and critical thinking skills, and will provide the student with the ability to interact with the numerous Italian communities spread around the world. The program offers the opportunity to have an educational, cultural, and an internship experience abroad in Italy, where the student can also have the chance to specialize in culinary arts or in design or in fashion. Successful completion of the program can enhance the student's employability amongst employers who are seeking employees that are well-equipped to interact in the multicultural environment of today's increasingly global society, and can surely increase his/her chances of being accepted into graduate programs.

The major (and minor) in Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of the Italian language, culture, arts, and literature and its manifestations in history and its usage in the present cultural and social context.

Requirements for this Major:

40 semester credits including:

and 16 semester credits from the following:

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

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