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Political Science

Degree Awarded:  Bachelor of Arts

The study of political science joins the best of the scientific and humanistic approaches to learning. Essential skills in analysis and communication are complemented by the development of tolerance and independent thought.

The study of political science fosters informed interest in current affairs as well as the ability to define a problem and contribute to its solution.

 Lake Erie College‚Äôs political science major allows for significant flexibility and allows students integrate their personal areas of intellectual interest with a rigorous course of study in the discipline, as they examine essential concepts such as democracy, power, citizenship, governance and rights. Its course of study fosters a sense of informed and thoughtful citizenship, as well as prepares graduates to contribute to society through careers in government, law, and education.

The major in political science provides students with an understanding of political institutions and processes at the local, national and international level. The curriculum exposes students to the major sub-fields of the discipline including American government, comparative politics, international relations and political philosophy. Students explore fundamental political concepts such as democracy, power, citizenship, governance and rights, and they acquire research skills enabling them to understand and analyze political phenomena around the world.
The program places an emphasis on the development of the student's research, writing and critical thinking skills. The program prepares students for careers in a variety of fields including government, politics, international affairs, law, business, journalism and education. Political science is an excellent undergraduate major for students interested in attending law school after graduation.
The major is designed to allow students significant flexibility in designing a course of study based upon their areas of interest. Internships and study abroad opportunities are available.

Requirements for this Major:

48 semester credits including:

A minimum of 20 upper-division semester credits in political science is required (300 or 400 level courses)

and 28 semester credits from the following:

Note: There may be specific credit hour requirements for Internships. Students should review requirements with their academic advisor.

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