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Equine Studies Minor

The equine studies minor is intended for students from various backgrounds who wish to supplement their academic major with studies in equine studies. This option, when combined with various majors such as business, biology, communication, education and pre-medicine, provides the student with the scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the hands-on practice of horsemanship. In addition, students interested in pursuing further study and/or careers in various equine fields will benefit from the addition of this minor to their curriculum. Students are exposed to the equine industry. Many graduates may work in the allied industries such as breed associations, feed companies, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Others continue their education for a professional degree, such as veterinary medicine, or work toward a masters or doctoral degree. The coursework provides the following:

  1. An understanding of the scope of the industry and its economical value to society.
  2. An understanding of the biological principles involved in the nutrition and production of animals.
  3. An insight into animal behavior and man's ability to humanely use it for his benefit as well as for the animals well being.
  4. The ability to apply knowledge gained to solve problems and to integrate solutions to attain successful horse production and management.
Restrictions and General Information
  1. This minor is not available to students majoring in equine studies.
  2. A minimum overall 2.5 GPA for all coursework.
  3. A minor should be declared at the time a student accumulates 90 hours.
  4. A student may not double count courses between the minor and other requirements except where approved by the College.
  5. A student must complete a minimum of 16 hours.
  6. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be applied to the minor.

Requirements for this minor:

16 semester credits including:

and three semester credits from the following:

and two semester credits from the following:

and 4 semester credits from the following:

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