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For over 151 years, Lake Erie College has been educating students for the world after college. We combine a liberal arts education with practical "real-life" experiences.  The steps to gather information about Lake Erie College are easy. What you will discover may benefit you for a lifetime.




Methods of Payment

Three options are available for paying education expenses:

1. Pay each semester's expenses in full. The amount, less financial aid and loans, is due on May 1-summer, August 1-fall, December 1-spring.
2. Apply for private student loans and/or parent PLUS loans, using the Lake Erie College Financial Aid website. Proof of loan funds approval and disbursement date information is due on the semester due dates as indicated in option one.
3. Enroll in the Time-Payment Plan, pay the enrollment fee and begin making the monthly payments prior to the semester due date as indicated in option one. This plan is interest free.

Note: All of the above options may be combined to make a financial plan that is suitable for budgeting needs, making sure they are in place on or before the semester due dates as indicated above.

Tuition Reimbursement

For a student who receives tuition reimbursement benefits through his/her workplace, 50% of the tuition and fees can be deferred until the end of the term, with payment due four weeks after classes end. The remaining 50% must be paid by the semester due dates, along with the deferred payment fee for the semester. Interest will not accrue on the unpaid balance.

Withdrawal Procedure

A student wanting to take a leave of absence or totally withdraw from all classes at Lake Erie College must notify the Registrar's Office, either verbally or in writing. The office is located in Room 114 College Hall.

Veterans Benefits

Lake Erie College is approved by the State Approving Agency for Veteran's Training. Veterans who are eligible for educational benefits should contact either the VETS Office or Office of Financial Aid at Lake Erie College. Veteran's benefits received (as determined by the information reported on the Free Application for Student Aid) will be considered a resource in the determination of a student's financial need in accordance with federal regulations governing the delivery of Title IV Student Financial Assistance. Veterans receive the educational benefits from the Veteran Administration (VA) and eligibility and amounts are determined by the VA.

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