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Independent Study/Individual Investigation

An Independent Study is a course offered regularly in the curriculum but which is necessary for the students to take on an individual basis.

An Individual Investigation is a focused-research or advanced performance project, not offered in the current undergraduate catalogue. An individual investigation course provides a student with the opportunity to explore a special topic of interest with a faculty member knowledgeable in the subject matter. Unlike a regular course taught in the classroom, an Individual Investigation involves a relatively unstructured format defined by the student and the instructor. Since the individual investigation is a method and not a subject, it is expected that a student will be registered for the actual subject of the study, described in a way that can be entered on the transcript under the number 160, 260 or 360 which indicates the elementary, intermediate or advanced level of the work to be performed.

Students will be limited to one Independent Study/Individual Investigation per academic year. An additional course fee may be assessed. To be eligible for independent coursework, the student must:

- Have attained junior or senior status
- Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
- Have a 3.0 in the major, minor or concentration, if the course will satisfy a requirement
- Complete an Independent Study Individual Investigation Form

Credit for Post Secondary Enrollment Option Coursework

Students who have completed college coursework through a dual enrollment program while in high school must provide official transcripts from the college or university to receive credit at Lake Erie College. Transfer course policies as stated in the Criteria for Acceptance of Transfer Credit section of this catalog apply.

Credit for Prior Learning

For the bachelor's degree (requiring 128 credits), Lake Erie College accepts no more than 96 credits in total through transfer or other assessment of prior learning. Some degree programs may have additional requirements regarding length of time since course was completed, or the number of credits required in the major which must be completed at Lake Erie College.

The Lake Erie College Scholars Program

The Lake Erie College Scholars Program is an exciting option that focuses on an interdisciplinary core of courses designed to challenge and stimulate our brightest students.

Requirements: A Lake Erie College Scholar must take honors sections courses in five of the six core area requirements, the Freshman Honors Seminar, and a Senior Honors Seminar, capped by a 20-30 page thesis written under the direction of a faculty member in her/his major. Unless AP credit or other means of waiving requirements are granted, honors program students must fulfill all other basic proficiencies in the general education core, with the exception of EN 101. Students who apply as freshmen must complete 28 credits; to remain in the program, Lake Erie Scholars must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.5 or better. Students should consult the Scholars Handbook for additional details.
(Honors courses are distinguished by an H section designation)

Freshman Honors Seminar EN 102 (4 SH)

Core Requirements:
Students must complete five of these six courses:

Critical Thinking Skills
HU 125 H Critical Thinking Through Controversy (4 SH)

Analysis of Sophisticated Texts
PR 111 H Issues in Western Culture (4 SH)

Foundation of Cultures and Values
IS 200 H Peoples and Cultures in Contrast (4 SH)

Experiences with Aesthetic Forms
FA 101 H Arts and their Interrelations (4 SH)

Principles and Application of Scientific Inquiry
BI 101 H/BI 101L H (lecture and lab) Introductory Biology I (4 SH)

Analysis in Behavioral and Social Sciences
SO 112 H Contemporary Social Issues (4 SH)

Capstone Experience*
Senior Research Project (4 SH)

*This is a requirement for all graduating seniors; topic and scope determined in conjunction with faculty director in major area. Students in the Scholars Program are required to make a presentation of their research projects to the campus community at the annual Lake Erie College Scholars Research Colloquium.

In addition to the honors designation on the diploma, other benefits include a $1,000 Merit Scholarship for every year in the Lake Erie Scholars program; priority registration for every term after the first semester; special research and social opportunities with faculty; special internship opportunities and special study abroad tours.

Students who meet the program's admission requirements will be sent a letter of invitation and an application from the director after they have applied to Lake Erie College. The application requests basic personal information and the composition of a 500-word essay on a selection of topics.

4+1 MBA Program

Students who have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester credits with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.00 may register for up to 12 semester credits of courses in the Lake Erie College Master of Business Administration program. These courses may be counted as elective credits towards bachelor's degree completion. Upon admission to the Lake Erie College MBA program, up to 12 semester credits of such course work in which the student has earned a grade of "B" of better will be applied towards the 36 semester credits requirement for the MBA degree. Participation requires an application and approval by the Dean of the School of Business.

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