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Academic Calendar and Course Scheduling

The calendar for the academic year is divided into two semesters, each fifteen weeks long. Courses normally meet in regularly scheduled sessions, two or three times per week throughout the semester. Exceptions occur when justified by educational objectives or special methods of instruction. Seminar, laboratory, studio and independent study courses are scheduled in order to provide the kind of experience called for by the nature of the work.

Registration Dates

Dates of registration are published in the Academic Calendar as established by the Registrar. Registration for currently enrolled students takes place during the preceding semester. Students are expected to have the approval of their faculty advisor. Transfer students entering Lake Erie College for the first time select courses in consultation with an assigned advisor. First time freshmen students work with the Office of Academic Advising, who will assist them in the selection of courses for their first semester. Students may register for courses following the registration calendar set by the Registrar and at any time after obtaining advisor approval.

Registration Changes

Changes in enrollment or registration after formal registration for classes will be permitted only through the Registrar's Office. This applies to courses dropped or added. No courses may be added or dropped after the first calendar week of classes (weekday or weekend). The change or withdrawal process will not be considered complete until the Schedule Change Form is received in the Registrar's Office.

Withdrawal from a Course

A student withdrawing from a course at any time after the full refund period and through the ninth week of classes will have a letter "W" recorded on the transcript. While a "W" is recorded on the student's transcript, it is not considered in computing the grade point average.

No withdrawal will be permitted from a course after the end of the ninth week. Under certain circumstances an "Incomplete" grade may be appropriate. See information about this grade under Grading System. A student who withdraws from a course without following the formal procedures will automatically receive the grade of "F."

Tuition fees paid by a student authorized to withdraw are returnable only as indicated under "Refunds" in the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog.

A student with extenuating circumstances may request a late withdrawal by completing a late action petition. Petition forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

Student Course Loads

Twelve credit hours per semester is considered a full-time load. Thirty-two semester hours of credit during the year or sixteen credit hours per semester would be required to complete degree requirements in four years. Students who work full-time are advised to carry not more than two courses per term. A maximum of twenty-six credit hours may be taken during a single semester.

Enriched Courses

Courses with the section designator of "EN" are enriched versions of already existing catalog courses (Ex: HI238, Section EN). These courses typically include additional topics, accelerated learning and higher expectations of student performance than in regular class offerings. Generally, enriched courses are upper-division courses within a major. Permission of the instructor is required.

Catalog in Force

Requirements for graduation are based on the catalog in effect during the student's first semester at Lake Erie College as a fully matriculated, degree-seeking student. A student may elect to complete general education and major requirements under a subsequent catalog but must use a single catalog and not a combination of catalogs. Exceptions may be necessary when changes in certification or licensure standards mandate changes in College programs. Course substitutions may be necessary when courses are deleted or changed which results in significant alteration of course content. Students who withdraw from Lake Erie College to attend another institution or have not taken courses for four consecutive semesters and subsequently return must complete the requirements of the catalog in force at the time of re-entry. Students who have attended another institution after leaving Lake Erie College must also reapply for admission to the College as a transfer student.

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