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The Grading System

Grades are normally assigned and averages computed on the following basis:

A = Excellent
B = Good
C = Satisfactory
D = Passing
F = Failure
I = Incomplete
W = Withdrawal

Faculty members may award an "I" grade (Incomplete) only when the examination or coursework has not been completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student's control. Students requesting an Incomplete must initiate the process with the instructor to create a written statement of the work to be completed and the time limits for its completion. The student must sign the form, obtain the instructor's signature and return the signed form to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar shall then enter an "I" grade and furnish the student with a copy. The Registrar has the discretion to accept email documents to replace signatures.

All work must be completed within the stated deadline or by the fourteenth week of the following semester. An extension of this deadline must be approved by the Academic Standards Committee of the Faculty (ASC). The "I" grade will be removed when the instructor submits a final letter grade within the established deadline. No student shall graduate from the college with an Incomplete unless permission is granted by the ASC. For the purposes of determining Academic Standing, the "I" grade will be treated as an "F" grade in calculating cumulative grade point average. This calculation will not show on the student's official academic record.

Withdrawal grades are assigned when a student withdraws from a class during weeks two through nine of the semester. Grades of "W" are assigned when a student is administratively dismissed, suspended or expelled. Withdrawal grades do not factor into the grade point average calculation.

Grade point averages are computed under the following point system:

A = 4.0 points
A- = 3.7 points
B+ = 3.3 points
B = 3.0 points
B- = 2.7 points
C+ = 2.3 points
C = 2.0 points
C- = 1.7 points
D+ = 1.3 points
D = 1.0 points
D- = 0.7 points
F = 0.0 points

The grade point average (GPA) is determined in the following manner:

1. The total number of points earned is calculated by first multiplying the point-value of each grade by the number of credit hours of that grade earned and then totaling the results of all grades.
2. The total number of points earned is then divided by the total number of local quality credit hours attempted. A 2.00 cumulative grade point average is required for graduation.

The following grades do not affect the GPA: W, WP, WF, P, FR, AU (Audit).

Audit Policy

Degree-seeking students may audit one course per semester and must inform the Registrar's Office of their intent at the time of registration. The tuition and fees are the same for an audited course as they are for a graded course. The course will show on the student's transcript as "AU". Alumni may audit one course per semester at the level of the degree they received from Lake Erie College. The cost is the per credit hour College Fee. Senior citizens may audit one course per semester for a nominal fee. Please contact the Bursar's Office for the exact amount.

Pass/Fail Policy

In certain courses, performance is evaluated as Pass (P) or Fail (FR); grade point averages are not affected by such grades. A grade of Pass is equal to a grade of "C" or higher. Only elective courses may be taken Pass/Fail, with some exceptions; exceptions include internships and educational field experiences, at the discretion of the department. Elective courses specified within the major cannot be taken Pass/Fail.

The following conditions apply to the Pass/Fail option:

1. Students must be in good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA).
2. Freshmen may not choose the Pass/Fail option.
3. Students must choose the Pass/Fail option at the time of registration. Changes are not allowed after the second week of classes.
4. Students may choose no more than 12 semester hours on a Pass/Fail basis.
5. Faculty members will not be officially notified by the Registrar's Office when a student has chosen the Pass/Fail option for their course.
6. Students taking a course on a Pass/Fail basis must complete the same course assignments as students on a traditional grading system and receive a grade of C (not C-) or better to be assigned a grade of Pass. The Registrar's Office will convert the grade submitted to a "P" or "FR" as appropriate.

Grade Appeal

Under ordinary circumstances, faculty members reserve the right to give the final grade to a student. To change a final grade, there must be compelling and justifiable reasons to implement a grade appeal process.

1. Students must first contact the faculty member issuing the grade in an attempt to resolve the issue. Students must contact that faculty member immediately upon receiving the final grade for the course.
2. If the issue is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, he or she must appeal to the Dean of the area.
3. If the issue is still not resolved to the student's satisfaction, he or she must appeal in writing to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) within one month of receiving the grade.
4. The student must present compelling specific reasons in writing in order for ASC to initiate further action. Some of the specific reasons include, but are not limited to: clerical error not acknowledged by the faculty member, harassment, change in grading standards during the term and gross incompetence.
5. ASC will contact the faculty member in question in order to provide a platform for him or her to present the rationale for the grade in question.
6. If ASC believes that the "probable cause" warrants further review, then a grade appeal process will follow. A Grade Appeal Committee will be formed.
7. The student must provide to ASC all relevant information for determining the final grade, including written assignments, attendance, papers, etc., in advance.
8. The Grade Appeal Committee will inform the VPAA of their recommendation. The VPAA will inform the Registrar, faculty member and student of any changes in a timely fashion.
9. The faculty member may make the grade change at any time in this process and must notify ASC of doing so.

The Grade Appeal Committee shall be composed of the following:

- A member of ASC
- A member of the faculty within that discipline or a similar discipline, appointed by ASC
- Faculty member outside of the discipline, appointed by ASC
- The president of the Student Government Association or a delegate selected by the President of SGA.

Repeat Course Policy

A student may retake no more than two courses for which he or she earns a grade of C- or lower. Any single course may be repeated only once, unless otherwise noted in the catalog course description. Grades from all course attempts will appear in the student's academic record. Credit hours for a repeated course, or its equivalent, will apply only once for the purposes of meeting degree requirements. Only credit hours earned from a first course attempt will count for Progress Toward Degree requirements.

Students with specific major or program requirements should consult the program policies. Exception requests should be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee of the Faculty.

If the first attempt of a repeated course is taken within the first 0-31 semester credit hours enrolled only the higher grade of the two attempts will be used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.

Academic Reports

Reports of final grades are available via the Lake Erie Online (LEO), secure portal at the end of each semester. Grades are no longer sent by mail.

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