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The standard academic unit at Lake Erie College is the semester hour. Courses are assigned semester hour values to reflect the differing amounts of classroom contact, laboratory or studio activity and outside preparation they require.

Credit from Other Institutions

Students may register for courses at other institutions. If such courses are to become part of the program through which the student plans to meet the degree requirements of the College or requirements for certification for teaching, the student must file a transient student form with the Registrar's Office in advance. Credit hours earned in such courses do not count towards residency hours. Grades earned in such courses are included in the student's record but are not included in the computation of the grade point average. Such registration cannot be retroactive. Students must be in good academic standing to receive approval for transient work. International students may have additional restrictions applied.

Transfer Evaluation Appeal Procedure

A student who has transferred to Lake Erie College will receive a copy of his or her transfer credit evaluation soon after being officially admitted to the College. The student should review this evaluation immediately to be certain that all credits earned at other colleges and universities have been considered. It is the student's responsibility to send to the Lake Erie College Registrar's Office an updated copy of any transcript listing credits that were not completed at the time of the student's original transcript evaluation. Credits will not be applied until an official transcript is received by the Registrar's Office. A student who desires to challenge Lake Erie College's award of transfer credit must follow the procedure below:

1. Contact the transfer evaluator to attempt to resolve the matter. The transfer evaluator will confer as necessary with the Registrar.
2. If the student and the evaluator cannot resolve the matter, the student may appeal to the Dean who oversees the subject matter involved.
3. If resolution does not occur at the Dean level, the student may make a formal written appeal to the ASC.

A student has six months from receipt of the transfer evaluation in which to appeal the award of transfer credit.


Full-time students can broaden the scope of their educational opportunities through a system of cross registration. Students in good academic standing may enroll in no more than one course per semester at any of the participating Northeast Ohio institutions providing the course is not currently offered at Lake Erie College. Participating students pay Lake Erie College tuition for the course and are responsible for transportation costs, laboratory fees or any special course fees required by the host institution. Cross-registration credit is considered resident work and is counted as Lake Erie College credit for purposes of the senior residency requirement. The cross-registration program does not apply to summer sessions and students will not be allowed to register for independent study or tutorial courses. For further information, students should contact the Registrar's Office.

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