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Withdrawal from the College

Inasmuch as all students are held responsible for the observance of the College's academic and social standards, the College reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student whose standard of scholarship or social behavior is considered detrimental. Please refer to the Student Handbook for further information. Voluntary withdrawal becomes official only after receipt of a written statement from the student. The student's record is then closed. Official transcripts will be made available, upon request, when the General Accounting Office verifies that financial obligations have been met. Students who are not registered for classes for two or more consecutive semesters are considered inactive. Reactivating students need to notify the Registrar's Office. Students who have taken coursework at other institutions during the inactive period must reapply to the Office of Admissions.

Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

When, in the judgment of the College, an individual's behavior is disruptive to the educational and living environment which the College seeks to maintain, that student may be required to undergo psychological evaluation or and/or an investigation by a College Medical Withdrawal Panel for mandatory withdrawal from the College. The Medical Withdrawal Panel will consist of the Director of the Student Success Center (or designee); Director of Academic Advising (or designee); and Dean of Students (or designee) who will chair the panel.

Mandatory psychological evaluation and withdrawal will be considered in cases where there is a threat of danger to self, others or property, or disruption of the educational process and mission of the College. If a student engages in suicidal behavior, the College will respond in accordance with the Suicide Gesture Response Policy described in the Student Handbook. The College will make every effort to work with the student involved, but reserves the right to contact the student's parents/legal guardians or spouse.

The College may remove a student from the residence halls or from attending classes or from the campus on a temporary basis pending the outcome of an evaluation and/or hearing for a mandatory withdrawal if the student presents a risk to self, others or property. Locating an alternate place to stay, if removed from campus, is the responsibility of the student and/or their parent(s)/ legal guardian(s) or spouse.

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