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All candidates for an undergraduate degree at Lake Erie College select a specialized area of study known as an academic major. Majors may be disciplinary, interdisciplinary or individualized in nature. It is the responsibility of the student to be sure that all degree and major requirements are fulfilled by the end of the semester in which he or she plans to graduate. Students must fulfill all major course requirements and total major credit hour requirements. Any substitutions or exceptions to this policy must be sent by petition to the dean of the school in which the major or minor exists. Requirements for each of the academic majors and minors currently offered by the College are identified in the list of Academic Majors and Minors. Complete course descriptions for all courses can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.

The Major Field of Study

The major field of study is a carefully structured sequence of courses in a single subject or a combination of closely related subjects. Basic or introductory courses are generally not included in the major. No more than 64 semester hours in a single subject designator may be counted towards graduation. A minimum of 20 semester hours of the major field must be completed at Lake Erie College. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the major is required for graduation. Degree options and requirements for individual majors are specified in the section of the catalog entitled Requirements for the Academic Major. Opportunities also exist for the design of an individualized major with the assistance and approval of a faculty advisor. Students are required to officially declare a major by the time they reach 64 semester credits earned. A registration hold may be placed by the Registrar's office until a declaration is received.

Selecting an Academic Major

Students are required to declare a major before the start of their junior year. Students entering with an associate's degree or with 64 or more semester hours of transfer credit are required to declare a major upon admission. A student who wishes to earn a double major must complete all the requirements of each major before graduation. A second major cannot be earned after a student has graduated. Earning a double major does not mean earning a second degree.

Additional Majors

A student who wishes to earn additional majors must complete all the requirements of each major before graduation. An additional major cannot be earned after a student has graduated. Earning an additional major does not mean earning a second degree.

Additional Bachelor Degree

A student who has not yet graduated from Lake Erie College and wants to earn more than one degree must complete all the major requirements for each degree program and earn an additional 32 credit hours above the 128 (160 minimum) credits required for graduation.

Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree at Lake Erie College or any other accredited institution and desire to earn a second bachelor's degree must complete an additional minimum of 32 semester credits and fulfill all the current General Education requirements as well as the requirements for the major for a total of no less than 160 semester credits. A degree cannot be awarded twice; that is, a student can receive only one bachelor of science, bachelor of arts or bachelor of fine arts degree from Lake Erie College. The major field of study determines the degree awarded.

The Minor Field of Study

Academic minor programs of study generally consist of a series of courses, totaling 16 to 20 credits, that provide a coherent body of knowledge in either a particular discipline or in an interdisciplinary cluster. Although by design not as extensive as an academic major, the pursuit of an academic minor---while not required--- will provide content knowledge and a credential in a secondary area of specialization which might well help the future graduate in terms of further postgraduate education and employment. A minimum grade point averages of 2.0 and 50% of the requirements completed in residence in the minor is required for graduation.

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