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Lake Erie College Veteran Education & Transition Support Program

The mission of the V.E.T.S. Program at Lake Erie College is to facilitate the successful enrollment, retention, graduation and employment of all of our Military Veteran Students. We will do this by assisting them in transitioning from the military to the civilian world successfully. The V.E.T.S. Coordinator provides benefit and education counseling, program information, referral to various agencies, and will assist eligible students to receive education benefits under various state and federal programs while maintaining a congenial working relationship with the Veterans Administrations and other agencies serving veterans.

Lake Erie College is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the State of Ohio for Veterans training. All incoming veterans or eligible dependents should contact the V.E.T.S. (Veteran Education & Transition Support Program) Coordinator who will handle all the aspects of enrolling into Lake Erie College. Lake Erie College is proud to be a "Yellow Ribbon" college in agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans will process with the VETS Coordinator to determine what benefits the veteran will be eligible for including FASFA (Free application for Student Aid).

V.E.T.S. Program Point of Contact:
Bob Mastronicola, Jr.
US Army Retired
V.E.T.S. Program Coordinator
Office Location: College Hall, Rm 328 & 330
Office 440.375.7007
Cell: 440.413.4952

Drilling Reservist/Military Duty Policy

This policy is designed to assist those students who, due to national, local, or state military duty, have received a written order to report for active-duty in the Armed Services of the United States. Included under this policy are current and former members of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve Units, National Guard and other such military organizations.

Students who are called to active-duty during the semester must contact the Veteran Education & Transition Support (V.E.T.S.) Program Coordinator to discuss procedures related to their enrollment as soon as possible after their orders have been received. A copy of the order will be required for the official file. Each student's circumstances will be evaluated individually by the V.E.T.S. Program Coordinator, who will then work with the Associate Registrar, Bursar, and Financial Aid Office to determine the most beneficial action for the student.

Options include:

o Complete withdrawal, backdated to start of term, with 100% refund;
o Subject to the approval of the appropriate faculty member, continued enrollment with special grading options of Pass-Fail, Non-Credit, audit, or awarding of a grade of I (incomplete);
o Subject to the approval of the appropriate faculty member, continued enrollment through electronic participation, which may or may not require an adjustment of course assignments; and
o Any other action deemed appropriate.

Students who are called to active-duty and are away from Lake Erie College for more than four consecutive semesters will be grandfathered into the academic catalog in force on their academic record at the time of departure for duty. Students must resume classes within 12 months of their return from active-duty in order to qualify for this exception.

Lake Erie College limits academic residency to no more than twenty-five percent of the degree requirements for all degrees for active-duty service members (32 semester credits of the required 128 for degree completion). Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty service members are enrolled. All active-duty members of the Armed Services of the United States are covered under this policy.

LEC Evaluation of Military Training/Service

Lake Erie College recognizes and uses the ACE Guide to evaluate educational experiences in the Armed Services for the purpose of determining the value of learning acquired during military service. Credit is awarded consistent with ACE Guide recommendations and/or those transcripted by the Community College of the Air Force, when applicable to a service member's program. Official transcripts are required to receive credit.

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