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For over 151 years, Lake Erie College has been educating students for the world after college. We combine a liberal arts education with practical "real-life" experiences.  The steps to gather information about Lake Erie College are easy. What you will discover may benefit you for a lifetime.

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Student Job Descriptions

newarrowAcademic Affairs Office Assistant
newarrowAdministrative Offices Assistant
newarrowAdmissions Office – Student Receptionist Desk
newarrowAdmissions Office Office Assistant
newarrowAdmissions Office Telemarketing
newarrowAdmissions Office Tour Guide
newarrowAlumni Relations Office Assistant
newarrowAthletic Department Assistant
newarrowAthletic Department Lifeguard
newarrowBookstore Clerk
newarrowCareer Services Office Assistant
newarrowCenter for Entrepreneurship Office Assistant
newarrowCommunity Service - Chestnut Elementary School Tutor
newarrowCommunity Service - Elm Street Elementary Volunteer Student Assistant
newarrowCommunity Service - Habitat for Humanity of Lake County Student Employee

newarrowCommunity Service - Leadership Lake County Marketing and Communication Intern
newarrowCommunity Service - Maple Elementary School Student Assistant
newarrowCommunity Service - Open Book Family Learning Center Tutor and Help Desk
newarrowCommunity Service - Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce Office Assistant

newarrowEducation Department Assistant
newarrowEquestrian Center Office Assistant
newarrowEquestrian Center Stable Assistant
newarrowEquestrian Studies Intern – Equine Breeding
newarrowEquine Performance and Health Assistant
newarrowEvent and Facility Management and WOW Program Assistant
newarrowFinancial Aid Receptionist
newarrowFine Arts Office Assistant
newarrowFine Arts/Visual Arts Office Assistant
newarrowHuman Resources Office Assistant
newarrowLibrary Assistant
newarrowMail Room/Printing Services Clerk
newarrowManagement Studies Office Assistant
newarrowMath and Science Department Laboratory Assistant
newarrowPayroll Office Intern
newarrowPhysical Plant Assistant
newarrowPresident’s Office Assistant
newarrowProfessional Development Student Worker
newarrowPsychology Department Assistant
newarrowPublic Relations/Marketing Assistant
newarrowPublic Relations Office Assistant – Graphics/Web
newarrowRegistrar’s Office Data Entry Clerk
newarrowResident Assistant
newarrowStudent Life Office After Hours Assistant
newarrowStudent Life Office Publications Assistant
newarrowStudent Life Office Student Assistant
newarrowStudent Success Center Front Desk Worker
newarrowStudent Success Center Tutor
newarrowTech Support Assistant
newarrowWriting Center Assistant

Academic Affairs Office Assistant
The Office Assistant for the Office of Academic Affairs performs general office duties that include answering telephones and taking messages, greeting visitors, filing, typing, and other clerical tasks as assigned.
A high degree of confidentiality, accuracy, professional telephone etiquette, computer knowledge, typing skills, and the ability to work unsupervised are required. Prior office experience preferred.
Contact: Maribel Figueroa
Revised 8.09
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Administrative Offices Assistant
The Office Assistant for Administrative Offices performs basic clerical and administrative support duties including greeting and directing visitors, filing, faxing, copying, collating, and assisting with mass mailings. During "crunch” times the student may assist in other areas of Institutional Advancement, Administration and Finance, and Student Affairs.
The Administrative Office Assistant maintains a high degree of confidentiality, is a team player, possesses professional oral and written skills, computer and typing skills, dependability, and punctuality. The Office Assistant may be needed to work weekends or evenings during events.
Contact: Ms. Robin McDermott
Revised 6.09
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Admissions Office Assistant
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Aiding counselors with mailings, and other various tasks.
Contact: Ms. Billie Dilella
Revised 8.09
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Admissions Office - Telemarketing
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Contacting individuals via telephone and encouraging them to visit and apply to LEC. Must have a positive attitude about LEC and all it has to offer. Employees must feel comfortable cold calling and must have the ability to answer questions on the fly.
Contact: Ms. Billie Dilella
Revised 8.09
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Admissions Office Tour Guides
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Conducting individual and/or group tours of all campus facilities. Provide guests with insightful information regarding LEC and ensure the safety and comfort of each guest. Perform duties, such as greeting individuals and/or groups, answering questions related to LEC questions and display a passion for LEC. Employees must be energetic, outgoing and willing to meet new people on a consistent basis. Proper attire and the ability to work Saturday morning tours on a rotating basis.
Contact: Ms. Billie Dilella
Revised 8.09

Admissions Office - Student Receptionist Desk
Student Receptionists are the first impression given of Lake Erie College to visitors. Therefore, a pleasing personality, the ability to communicate, and knowledge of the Lake Erie College campus, faculty, staff, and administration offices are required. Proper attire is mandatory; sweats are not allowed. Proper Phone Etiquette is also required.
Student Receptionists will cover this desk Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Contact: Ms. Billie Dilella
Revised 8.09
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Alumni Relations Office Assistant
The Office Assistant assists with hard copy alumni record keeping, filing, mass mailings, telephone work and general office work. This position also entails a substantial amount of computerized database management on Raiser’s Edge software.
A high degree of confidentiality and a willingness to learn are required. Basic computer skills are preferred.
Contact: Alumni Department
Revised 8.09
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Athletic Department Assistant
Game Day Assistant
Work with a variety of activities including general maintenance, set up and tear down for home games in the gym; complete miscellaneous office chores and errands. Individuals will also be assigned a specific job such as Sports Secretary, Sports Manager, Statistician or Scorekeeper for home games in an assigned sport, Athletic Secretary, Concession Manager, Varsity Sports Assistant, or Athletic Game and Maintenance Assistant.
Desk Assistant
Provide exceptional customer service. Answer telephones, direct visitors to their destinations, oversee sign-in/sign-out process, distribute and collect rental equipment. Complete miscellaneous office chores and errands.
Weight Room Attendant
Maintain Weight Room including but not limited to cleaning machines, racking weights, washing towels. Answer telephone and respond to customer needs.
Athletic Assistants must possess the ability to follow directions, demonstrate hard-work and conscientiousness. Depending upon the position, knowledge of a specific sport, computer skills, and ability to communicate clearly, or travel out of town with the team may be required.
Contact Ms. Lisa Liotta
Revised 6.4.09
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Athletic Department Lifeguard
Policies and Procedures

Important Phone Numbers:
*Emergency 9-911
LEC Security 9-440-375-7575
Herb Dill, Director of Maintenance Cell 9-440-223-8062
Griz Zimmermann, Athletic Director Office 9-440-375-7480
Lisa Liotta, Athletic Facilities Coordinator Office 9-440-375-7468



  • All patrons must identify themselves with a current LEC ID or a Courtesy Green Card to use the facility.
  • The lifeguards are in charge at all times and what they say is final.
  • The use of emergency equipment and telephones is to be used only by the guards.
  • All children under 16 shall be accompanied by an adult
  • No horseplay (running, tag, chicken fights, etc.)
  • No food
  • No hanging on the lane lines
  • No diving in shallow pool
  • No glass
  • Patrons suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to enter the pool.
  • No smoking
  • Not responsible for lost articles
  • Appropriate swimwear is required for all users of the pool. The lifeguards will determine what is appropriate.
  • No person is permitted in the pool if the lifeguard feels that the pool is unsafe
  • No person is permitted in the pool if the lifeguard feels that the person is not capable or qualified to participate.
  • All infants need to have swim diapers on to enter the pool
  • All patrons need to be out of the locker rooms and out of the pool area no more than 5 minutes after closing.

Opening Procedures:

  1. Sign in on your time sheets
  2. Inspect the pool and surrounding area and make sure it is safe
  3. Check Chlorine and PH levels of pool
  4. Turn on radio if desired
  5. Report any problems to the Building Supervisor
  6. Remove Pool Closed Signs

Closing Procedures:

  1. Clear all patrons from the pool area and locker rooms
  2. Inspect the pool area and note any problems
  3. Lock pool area (Make sure all doors are locked)


  • You are employed for the entire semester, and are responsible for finding a suitable substitute if you cannot attend your shift. A phone and email list will be provided.
  • You are to be dressed, have the pool ready, and should be in position at the appointed starting time. You will make a visual inspection of the entire pool at the beginning and ending of each shift.
  • You must check the chlorine and PH levels of the pool every time you work.
  • You are required to wear sandals or slip on shoes while on duty or go barefoot.
  • You should have a lifeguard tube on you or next to you at all times.
  • You are to make sure that the patrons are following the pool rules.
  • Be familiar with pool, life saving equipment, first aid supplies, etc.
  • Keep the pool area clean
  • Guards must be properly seated at the lifeguard station or standing next to the pool with tube in hand while patrons are in the pool(s)
  • Nothing besides the tube is allowed to at the guard station, including iPods, cell phones, books, etc.
  • You are in charge of the pool. Guard defensively and stop potentially dangerous activities. If you encounter someone whom consistently disregards pool rules and/or your directives, contact the senior supervisor or director. You have the authority to check identification if you feel someone should not be participating.
  • Keep conversations with friends to a minimum, especially when on the lifeguard stand.
  • If there is a problem with the temperature of the pool, or anything in the pool that is a sanitary hazard, call the supervisor or maintenance.
  • Make sure that all doors are locked at the end of your shift.

All lifeguards must have up-to-date certifications in Lifeguard Training and CPR for the Professional rescuer. It is your responsibility to keep your certifications current. If you need to recertify, please contact the aquatics supervisor or director so that she can help you make arrangements. Your certification cards need to be submitted to the director before you are permitted to work.

Private Swim Lesson:
Guards will not be permitted to give private lessons while they are on duty as a lifeguard. No person is permitted to give private lessons in our pool unless they are employed by the recreation department.


Tornado and Fire
The lifeguard’s responsibility during a fire alarm or tornado warning is that of clearing out the pool and surrounding areas including the locker rooms and directing patrons to the proper areas. In the case of a fire alarm, direct patrons should go out the closest door (fire alarm door) and away from the building. Patrons and guards should wait in the designated area until the alarm ends or official personnel tells you that it is okay to go back to the recreation area.

Pool Emergency

  • Alert anyone in the area to get the supervisor or call 911 depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Perform necessary rescue
  • Giver emergency First Aid (rescue breathing, CPR, etc.)
  • Stay with the victim until help arrives.
  • Assist the supervisor in completing the injury report form.

Contact: Ms. Lisa Liotta

Revised 8.09
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Book Store Clerk
The Book Store Clerk will assist the Manager with stocking merchandise for resale, cashiering, and customer service. Must be able to lift 60 lbs. The student should enjoy working with the public and must be willing to work evenings and weekends when not taking courses.
Starting Date: Preferably, one week prior to the first day of classes.
Contact: Mr. Michael Norris
Revised 7.09
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Career Services Office Assistant
The Career Services Assistant will greet and assist visitors to the Career Services and Internships Office. The student employee will assist with daily operations as well as long-term projects. Typing, computer and organizational skills are required. Confidentiality, reliability, professional appearance, positive attitude and exceptional customer service is expected.
Contact: Career Services Director at:
Revised 7.09
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Center for Entrepreneurship Office Assistant
The Office Assistant provides support to the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Program Coordinator and Director. Daily functions include typing, word processing, computer work, filing, answering the telephone, assisting with mailings, and other tasks as assigned.
Typing skills, the ability to learn and operate office machines, and maintaining confidentiality are required. Experience with computers in an office environment and phone skills are preferred. Behavior should be in a positive manner with a willingness to serve.
Contact Ms. Sue Wovrosh
Revised 7.09
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Community Service - Chestnut Elementary School Tutor
Chestnut Elementary School Tutor, under the direction of the Site Supervisor, will tutor elementary age students in reading, writing, and vocabulary.
This is accomplished with individually designed lessons for each student. The program takes place at Chestnut Elementary, which is a short distance from the College.
Anyone interested in participating should be willing to devote at least one hour per day, one or more days per week (M,T,W,Th or Fri.) for an entire semester for this project. The tutor will successfully pass a training and orientation program under the direction of the Site Supervisor. Confidentiality, maturity, dedication, commitment and the ability to work well with small children are required.
Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Description updated 8.09
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Community Service - Elm Street Elementary Volunteer Student Assistant
The student assistant at Elm Street may be assigned to one or more of the following responsibilities.
Tutoring in reading and/or math
Assisting classroom and other resource teachers (School Improvement Coach, Title 1 Teachers, Intervention Specialists Librarian, Guidance Counselor, as well as computer, art, gym, and music teachers)
Students interested in this position must be willing to work weekly during scheduled school hours. The schedule will be determined once a meeting is held with the Site Supervisor. Each assistant will be given the necessary training to ensure a successful experience. Students must show enthusiasm and responsibility as exhibited by reliability, punctuality, confidentiality and willingness to work with children and adults in a learning community.
Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Description updated 10.09
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Community Service - Habitat for Humanity of Lake County Student Employee
Habitat for Humanity of Lake County is looking for a part-time 10-15 hour per week student employee who qualifies for College Work Study for our Lake County Affiliate. Work would focus on supporting the goals and objectives of Habitat for Humanity of Lake County. Work will include but not be limited to working with the Capital Campaign efforts which will include working with a large database of information. Computer skills are required for this position.
The hours are flexible, and we are willing to work around a busy schedule. Habitat for Humanity is a highly visible organization, so this would be a great addition to any resume.
Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Revised 8.27.09
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Community Service - Leadership Lake County Marketing and Communication Intern
Leadership Lake County, Inc. provides leadership programs for adults and youth (sixth graders and high school juniors).
The intern will assist with the communications efforts and funding techniques of Leadership Lake County. This will include marketing, public relations, research on non-profit sustainability, grant writing and seeking new opportunities to communicate Leadership Lake County’s Mission to the community. The intern will have the opportunity to help design the internship based on mutually desired outcomes.
Responsibilities include:

  • Updating, maintaining and improving the website
  • Writing press releases, e-newsletters, communication plans and letters
  • Assisting the Executive Director and Youth Coordinator in seeking new funding and writing grant requests
  • Contacting media professionals to initiate or follow-up with outreach attempts
  • Assisting with photo and video opportunities
  • Other projects within the realm of communications
  • Working with programs to develop story ideas for the media


  • Excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills required
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Must be self sufficient, a self starter and ready to learn
  • Willingness and ability to contact and work with members of the media
  • Ability to think creatively and to share ideas

Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Description updated 10.09
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Community Service - Maple Elementary School Student Assistant
The Student Assistant position, under the direction of the Site Supervisor, will involve a variety of activities. The LEC student may be asked to take on one or more of the following responsibilities:
Tutoring in reading and/or math
Assisting classroom and Title 1 teachers
Assisting Special Area teachers (art, gym, music, computer)
Assisting the school librarian
This job placement opportunity is for Maple Elementary School, in Painesville City. The school, which services students in grades K-5, is located within walking distance of the Lake Erie College campus.
Students interested in this position must be willing to work a regular, weekly schedule during school hours. The schedule will be determined once a meeting is held with the Site Supervisor. Each Student Assistant will be trained and supervised in order to ensure a successful experience for all involved. Confidentiality, maturity, punctuality, sense of responsibility, and an ability/willingness to work with children and adults in an elementary school setting are required.
Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Description Updated 8/09
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Community Service - Open Book Family Learning Center Tutor and Help Desk
Job Title: Tutor and Help Desk
Department: Open Book Family Learning Center within Morley Library
Direct Supervisor: Coordinator and Reading Specialist
Classification: Clerk 1

  • College Student
  • Experience or desire to work with young people of various ages
  • Experience or desire to work with library technology and materials

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Ability to follow directions and complete assignments in a timely fashion.
  • Ability to handle phone inquires and to schedule appointments.
  • Ability to communicate and work with people of all ages.
  • Must possess the physical ability to work at computers terminals reach items shelved high or low under shelves and desks.
  • Ability to handle several tasks at once.
  • Must possess the ability to work after training with minimum supervision.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist people of all ages in locating information in library materials, and getting materials off the shelves.
  • Actively listen to young people and adults for a clear understanding of their informational needs.
  • In a courteous manner handle several tasks at once, such as help parents with a question, answer the phone, take a message, make an appointment.
  • Search on line catalog and databases for information.
  • Operate smart board and other specialized Center tutoring software.
  • Assist Coordinator/Reading Specialist with preparation for library activities, including but not limited to cutting, assembling crafts.
  • Under supervision, assist other center staff with tutoring.
  • Monitor records on center usage by each family/ students and groups
  • Provide tours of center for individuals, classes or other groups.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Updated 9/09
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Community Service - Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce Office Assistant
This position involves data entry on a computer, data processing using Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher and other software, answering the telephone, copying, faxing, collating, filing, and other clerical functions as assigned.
Typing, word processing, and general clerical skills are required.
Please contact the Career Services Office for more information.
** Candidates must qualify for College Work Study
Revised 8.09
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Education Department Assistant
Provides support to the Education Department’s Administrative Assistant. Daily functions will include typing, word processing, computer work, filing, answering the telephone, assisting with mailings, and other tasks as assigned.
Typing skills, the ability to learn new machines such as binders, copy machine, and maintaining confidentiality are a must. Previous experience with computers in an office environment is preferred. A positive attitude, a willingness to serve, and dependability are required. Phone skills are also helpful.
Contact Ms. Hope Swank
Revised 6.09
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Equestrian Center Office Assistant
Assistant to the Dean and Coordinator of the Equestrian Center office. Tasks to include but are not limited to: answering phones, creating documents, sorting mail, conducting recruitment tours, maintaining supply inventories and coordinating newsletter creation and distribution. Special projects are often assigned. A variety of tasks will be required in assisting the show managers.
Expectations: must be organized, familiar with MS Office and have a good work ethic. Proper work attire is necessary for the office. Hours for the Equestrian office are Monday through Friday 8:30am -4:30pm.
Contact: Ms. Karen Davis
Revised 6.09
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Equestrian Center Stable Staff

  • Feed hay, grain, hand water any horses with malfunctioning waterers three times per day (6am, 11am, 3:45pm).
    • During summer months, any horses off property (pastured at Mt.Glen) should be fed and watered as soon as the horses in the barn are fed in the morning (approx 6:45am), and before beginning afternoon feed (approx. 3pm). Two people must be at both properties for safety. If only three staff members, two to Mt. Glen, one stays at facility and begins stalls.
  • Stalls as Assigned
    • Any full-care boarders, all school horses not cleaned by Horse Care Practicum Class must be cleaned, consult Cami Harkless Blanchard or Sara Sargent if unsure of which stalls to clean.
    • As much manure as possible and wet spots must be removed, as well as any old hay that has been mixed in with bedding (when in doubt, throw it out).
    • All stalls should be cleaned every day.
    • Mare and Foal stalls should be cleaned first thing after feeding and picked again while mare and foal are turned out.
  • Bedding Stalls
    • Staff members must clean stalls until all stalls are done, then break into two groups, filling sawdust wagon and manure wagon to bed and bedding two aisles at a time.
    • All stalls must be bedded every day as needed.
    • Two loads of sawdust must be dumped in corner of bullpen daily during school year.
  • Turn Outs
    • All staff members must participate
    • All horses on the turn out sheet posted by the school barn grain room must go out at their assigned times in the assigned paddocks.
    • No staff member may change the paddock the horse is assigned to go in, nor may they change horse pairings assigned.
    • All horses coming in from turn out must be checked by simple visual exam for injuries or lameness incurred during turnout and reported to Cami Harkless Blanchard or Sara Sargent.
  • Stallion Pen/Round Pen
    • These pens must be picked daily, rain or shine, preferably between horses going out.
    • Stallion pen includes picking out the large area, the lane and the shed.
    • The shed must be bedded with a thin layer of shavings to absorb liquids and provide safe footing for the horses.
    • Water must be provided in a muck tub at all times.
    • Hay must be placed only on the mats in front of the shed or inside the shed – hay may never be put directly on the limestone footing in the large area or lane.
  • Waterers and Buckets
    • All school horse waterers must be cleaned daily in both barns.
    • Any school horse with a water bucket must be refilled at least twice daily, as well as dumped and cleaned at least once per day.
    • All feeders must be checked for manure or debris at every feeding, and cleaned at least weekly.
  • Sweeping
    • Both barns must be swept after every meal, after cleaning stalls, and after bedding.
    • Under all of the stall doors must be cleaned.
    • All ramps leading into bullpen area must be swept.
    • All aprons (areas leading out of the barn) must be swept.
    • Breezeway (area leading into the arena in boarder barn) must be swept twice daily (all footing pushed back into the arena, manure removed to pit).
  • Miscellaneous
    • Other chores as assigned, listed under weekly chores.
    • Driveway Patrol, including sweeping all paved areas that the horses travel and leave manure, as well as the path to the paddocks in front of the Learning Center.
    • Washracks in both barns must be swept at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
    • Muck tubs in wash racks must be emptied at least twice daily, and at any time that they are more than half full during the day. Muck tubs must also be rinsed and bleached once daily during fly season.
    • Put all forks, extra brooms and shovels in shed and close shed when done.
    • Wash racks in both barns must have at least one shovel and corn broom per rack.


  • Grain Room
    • Grain room (in both barns) must be swept out anytime it is dirty, preferably every other day.
    • Any empty bags of grain or empty smart pak containers must be disposed of daily – all bags taken to the dumpster, not left in the trash cans in the wash rack areas.
    • Grain must be rotated as much as possible – the delivery person is responsible for moving pallets, but staff must try to use the oldest grain before using new deliveries.
    • Use all grain in cart before adding more – do not add new grain on top of old grain (put old in bucket, dump in new, dump old on top of new).
  • Trash
    • Trash bags must be changed in both barns at least weekly, preferably any time they are more than 2/3 full.
    • New bags must be put in cans before putting lid back on – trash bag supply is located in clock room.
  • Paddocks
    • All weather paddocks must be picked at least once per week, preferably twice per week, weather permitting.
    • All fencing must have a visual inspection daily – report any broken fencing immediately to Sara Sargent or Cami Harkless Blanchard.
  • Bars
    • All green bars in the school barn (front of stalls, inside stalls) must be wiped with bleach and water.
    • All black bars in boarder barn (front of stalls, stall doors) must be wiped with bleach and water.
    • All bars must be cobwebbed as much as possible, including rafters and any places able to be reached with a ‘webster’.
    • All swinging feed doors and all green metal trim on doors must also be washed with bleach water.
  • Wash Racks
    • Wash rack walls in both barns must be bleached once per week.
    • Wash rack drain in boarder barn must be dredged weekly.
  • Areas Surrounding Barn
    • Grassy areas and storage areas near barns must be cleaned weekly.
    • These areas include behind school barn where wheelbarrows are stored, both hay storage sheds, grass area between school barn and arena walls, area between school barn and manure pit.
  • Health/Injury Care
    • Assist as needed in care of wounds, lame or ill horses.
    • This includes hand walking lame horses, bathing horses coming in hot and sweaty from turn out in summer, and holding horses while Cami Harkless Blanchard or assigned representative medicates or treats wounds.
  • Show Set-Up
    • Assist as maintenance personnel as needed to set up temporary stalls in school barn bull pen.
    • Distribute shavings as ordered throughout show stalls.
  • Laundry
    • Assist in washing polos, blankets, coolers, saddle pads, rags and other cleaning supplies.
  • Warm-Up rails / footing
    • Pick corners of warm up arena where tractor drag cannot reach, pull footing off railing.
    • Wash rails of warm up arena with bleach water.
  • Water Troughs
    • In summer, all water troughs are to be filled at least half full daily (by personnel going to Mt. Glen).
    • All troughs are to be dumped and scrubbed with bleach at least weekly, or as needed throughout the week (in case of muddy water or tadpole/bug larvae infestation).
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned by the supervisor.

I have read and understand the above stated duties. I also understand that failure to follow these duties is cause for disciplinary action as outline in the Lake Erie College Employee Handbook.
Contact: Ms. Sara Sargent
Revised 6.09
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Equestrian Studies Intern, Equine Breeding
Responsibilities consist of: assisting/designing laboratory classes, data entry, public relations, pedigree research, veterinary nursing care, and routine farm tasks--which are dependent on experience, background and academic interest. Students should feel comfortable working around breeding stallions, mares with foals and young stock.
The equine breeding intern site supervisor will be the Equine Studies faculty member teaching the laboratory breeding classes.
Students are encouraged to apply after completing one class in the stud farm management program.
Interns are required for both fall and spring semester.
Must have sophomore status. This is a paid internship.
Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Giedt
Revised 6.09
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Equine Performance and Health Assistant

  • Assist with health related horse issues, including but not limited to treatment of minor injuries, assisting with vaccinating and deworming, and medicating when necessary
  • Students should feel comfortable giving oral medications, and IM injectable medications
  • Exercise horses returning from time off
  • Work horses currently not assigned to class
  • Assist with some barn office duties, including but not limited to record keeping, tabulating feed cost and data entry
  • Keep school horses neat and tidy, ie clipping, mane pulling
  • Help prepare horses and equipment for daily use and shows
  • Will require weekend work during college holidays and semester breaks
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must be proficient in the following skills:
    • Wrapping
    • Holding horses for treatment
    • IM injections
    • Oral medications
  • Basic knowledge of medications and their uses
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Must be able to handle a variety of horses

Contact: Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Giedt
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Event and Facility Management and WOW Program Assistant

Student must possess:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong computer skills

Student will be responsible for:

  • Arriving to work on time and staying until scheduled to leave
  • Answering the phone - taking accurate and detailed phone messages
  • Assisting the director and GA with:

WOW birthday events
Facility reservations
Planning and assisting with all College events
Running campus errands
Overseeing the office when director and GA are not available
Additional information – Cell phones will not be allowed on the job – homework may only be done with permission from the director
Facebook and MySpace are off limits during work
Contact: Deb Remington
Revised 8.09
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Financial Aid Office Receptionist
The Receptionist will provide clerical support by tracking and filing student information, performing basic receptionist duties such as greeting walk-ins and directing inquiries, opening mail and other duties as assigned. The position will involve data entry activity and dissemination of student consumer information.
A high degree of confidentiality, dependability and accuracy are a must. Strong customer service skills are strongly recommended.
Contact: Ms. Barb Zavasky
Revised 8.09
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Fine Arts Office Assistant
The Office Assistant supports the Fine Arts faculty by performing a wide range of general office duties: typing, answering telephones, making copies, faxing, retrieving and distributing mail, etc. Additional duties in which the assistant may be asked to assist are: light physical labor in preparation for art exhibits, dance concerts, theatre productions, and selling tickets at performing arts events.
Knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Works are necessary. Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and help are a must supplemented with a positive attitude in representing the Fine Arts department.
Contact: Dr. Jerry Jaffe or Mr. Paul Gothard
Revised 8.09
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Fine Arts/Visual Arts Assistant
The Fine Arts/Visual Arts Assistant files, scans and catalogues visual aids such as slides, photographs and digital images, photocopying and copy stand work, data entry and publicity for visual art programming. The assistant also cleans and organizes studio spaces and equipment including the painting/drawing, printmaking, and ceramics/sculpture studios, firing of electric kilns, and inventorying of department supplies.
A background in art and art history is helpful; a visual art concentration is preferred.
Contact: Ms. Nancy Prudic
Revised 6.09
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Human Resources Office Assistant
The Human Resources Office Assistant acts as a receptionist and provides clerical support in the Office of Human Resources staff. Clerical and receptionist functions include maintaining confidentiality and assisting with any other clerical task as needed.
Confidentiality, accuracy, dependability, typing and word processing skills are required. Knowledge of accounting & Microsoft Office, Excel, is preferred. Business casual attire would be preferred but not required.
Contact: Ms. Alexis Hanna
Revised 6.09
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Library Assistant
Circulation Dept. - Duties include checking library material in and out, re-shelving books, shelf reading and providing basic assistance to customers (8-12 Students; 10 - 20 hrs a week per student). An eye for detail, flexibility, the ability to work unsupervised and solid language and clerical skills are needed. Typing, computer, and previous clerical and public service experience is helpful. Library Assistants must enjoy working with the public.
Contact: Ms. Christine Strlich
Revised 6.09
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Mail Room/Printing Services Clerk
Sorts and distributes incoming mail and intercampus mail, produces College programs, booklets, and flyers, and assists with mail and printing projects. As a hub of activity, this position provides the opportunity to interact with the entire College community. Assisting students, faculty, and staff is the primary function of this position.
Maintaining confidentiality, reliability, good customer service and people skills, and accuracy with attention to detail are required.
Contact: Mr. Randy Jackson
Revised 8.09
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Management Studies Office Assistant
The Office Assistant for Management Studies will help maintain departmental databases, answer phones, assist with mailings, and help with other general office duties.
Dependability, confidentiality and professional telephone etiquette are required. Computer experience preferred.
Contact: Ms. Donna Bares
Revised 7.09
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Math and Science Department Laboratory Assistant
The Laboratory Assistants for the Math and Science Department primarily assist with laboratory set-up and take down; organize and clean the laboratory and department equipment. Laboratory assistants also perform other duties as required, such as photocopying, collating, and data entry. Depending on the needs of faculty in the department and the aptitude and interests of the laboratory assistants they may have the opportunity to participate in research conducted by the faculty.
A background in general Biology, Chemistry and/or Math is helpful; a Biology, Chemistry and/or Math major are preferred.
Contact: Dr. Robert Benz, Dr. Steven Reynolds, Dr. Deborah Schulman, or Ms. Betty Clifford
Revised 8.4.09
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Payroll Intern
The Intern will process student payroll, audit student time cards, prepare journal entries related to student payroll, monitor monthly payroll budget and report information on an Excel spreadsheet and perform financial analyses as requested by site supervisor. The intern will also be responsible for maintaining student personnel files, assuring that all necessary paperwork is complete and retained, and will assist with confidential clerical tasks.
The goal of this internship is for the accounting/business student to gain practical experience with the accounting function and to acquire knowledge of current payroll and personnel legislation issues.
The Intern should be a business/accounting major of junior or senior status. The position requires maturity, the ability to maintain confidentiality, typing and word processing skills. Knowledge of accounting, Microsoft Word and Excel is required.
Contact: Ms. Pam Dye
Revised 6.09
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Physical Plant Assistant
Provide assistance to the Physical Plant staff members:
Light maintenance work, litter pick up, watering flowers, emptying trash containers and other duties as assigned.
Contact: Kelly Knauf
Revised 8.09
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President’s Office Assistant
The Office Assistant provides clerical support to the President’s Office. Duties include faxing and mailing correspondence to the Board of Directors and assisting with the preparation of Board meeting packets. A variety of general office duties include typing, phone work, faxing and copying, and assisting with mass mailings.
A high degree of confidentiality and a positive and professional manner are essential.
Contact: Heather Harding
Revised 8.09
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Professional Development Student Worker
Student workers in the Professional Development department assist with running education seminars. Duties include handling student registrations prior to each seminar and conducting evaluations at the conclusion of each class. In addition, student workers will be asked to assist with handling incoming phone calls and registrations for the seminars. Other duties include copying of handout material for seminars, assisting with mailings for courses, and helping with preparations for the catalogs.
Student workers must possess strong organization and problem-solving skills, the ability to multi-task, and solid communication skills. Basic computer knowledge, including Microsoft Access and Excel, is a plus. Student workers must be available to work some Friday evenings and Saturdays as well.
Contact: Ms. Emily Glorioso
Revised: 8.10.09
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Psychology Department Assistant
The Psychology Assistant performs general office duties, conducts library research, and proctors exams.
Typing, computer literacy, previous library research experience, and knowledge of statistics are helpful, but not required.
Contact: Dr. Stephen Yachanin
Revised 8.09
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Public Relations/Marketing Assistant
The Public Relations and Marketing Assistant assists the department with writing press releases, updating the clippings bulletin board, assisting with special events, writing stories for the website, alumni magazine, etc., and updating campus blogging site as needed.
The hired student must maintain confidentiality, be a team player, possess professional oral and written skills, excellent computer and interpersonal skills, attentive to detail, organizational skills, dependability and punctuality.
Contact: Ms. Christine Boyd
Revised 8.09
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Public Relations Office Assistant – Graphics/Web
The Graphics/Web Assistant assists with: designing campus flyers and other items, website updates, updates on social networking sites as needed and updates campus blogging as needed.
Maintains confidentiality, is a team player, possesses professional oral and written skills, excellent computer and interpersonal skills, organizational skills, attentive to detail, is dependable and punctual.
Contact: Ms. Christine Boyd
Revised 8.09
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Registrar’s Office Data Entry Clerk
Provides clerical support to Registrar's Office by performing a variety of duties such as gathering data, filing and answering the telephone. Confidentiality, accuracy and attention to detail required. Typing and computer experience preferred.
Contact: Maribel Figueroa
Revised 8.09
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Resident Assistant
Updated for Academic Year 2010-2011

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities

  • Staff Team Member
    • Participate in the on-going training, selection, and evaluation processes for the residence life team
    • Serve as a positive role model to students and be a supportive team member to staff
    • Know and share highlights, concerns and issues in your community with other staff team members
    • Role model a commitment to personal and professional development
  • Community Development
    • Engage students in academic initiatives, leadership activities, service opportunities, and social events that promote development through coordinating 6 programs per semester in the following areas:
      • 2 Social Programs (building/area wide)
      • 2 Community Development programs (floor specific)
      • 2 Academic Initiative (Student Success Center, Career Services, health and wellness, alcohol education, etc.)
    • Role model and reinforce positive behavior consistent with LEC campus and department policies; enforce all residence hall and LEC campus policies
    • Conduct regularly scheduled on-call rounds within the community
    • Create a welcoming and comfortable living environment for community members
    • Address issues of intolerance, hate and injustice in a thorough and educational manner
  • Peer Mentor and Role Model
    • Establish and maintain communication and relationships with students living in your community
    • Serve as a counseling resource, while fully utilizing campus resources
    • Participate on an ongoing on-call rotation and respond to building/area situations
  • Academic Development
    • Promote healthy and appropriate academic behaviors
    • Connect with supervisory staff and campus resources in order to support each resident’s academic success
  • Administrative Duties
    • Support residential community development through the completion of administrative tasks: weekly reports, program planning forms, etc.
    • Share information with supervisory staff through written reports and weekly meetings when applicable, including weekly meetings with supervisor
    • Update community area bulletin boards two times per semester not including check-out information and break information (to be posted at the end of each semester)
    • Post and share information related to housing processes and other events
    • Assist with the check-in and check-out process for students. RAs are the first to return to campus and last to leave regarding break periods.

Typical Week Schedule:

  1. Communication and Interaction with residents
  2. Collaboration with community members and staff members on Community Building, Program Ideas and Campus Events
  3. Administrative tasks for building concerns and community needs
  4. Follow up with student and staff concerns and needs
  5. Attend staff Meetings per area
  6. 1 to 3 nights of Community On-Call Rounds per week
  7. Estimated Hours per Week: This number varies depending on the time of year, an average is roughly 15 to 20 hours per week.


  1. Direct Supervision by the Residence Director
  2. Indirect Supervision by the Director of Residence Life
  3. Indirect Supervision by the Dean of Students

Position Requirements

  • RA Candidates need a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and a minimum 2.5 GPA for the most recent semester to apply to be an RA. The GPA is for earned credit hours only.
  • RA Candidates need to be in good standing with the College and Student Life. Candidates on academic or disciplinary probation with LEC will be ineligible to hold a Resident Assistant position
  • Once hired, RAs need to attend Fall and Winter job training activities. These times are scheduled for about one week prior to the start of the academic year.
  • Once hired, RAs may need to limit outside activities during the period of employment to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Outside activities include but are not limited to: employment, internships, athletics and active members in student run organizations; conflicts or concerns should be discussed with the Director of Residence Life/Residence Director at the time of hire


  • Single Room (when available, may not be available in apartment areas)
  • 20 Student Employment Office Hours per week
    • The RA Position can sometimes affect student financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid Office for specific details.
  • Total estimated value: $5315.00 per semester

Contact: Megan McKenna
Revised 12.15.2009
Transferable Job Skills

  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creativity
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Student Life Office After Hours Assistant
Responsible for distribution of ping pong and pool equipment after normal business hours (after 6:00pm Monday-Friday)
Distribution of flyers and other marketing materials
Perform receptionist duties such as answering the phone and taking messages
Possess a general knowledge of offices and services at the College and can direct students and other visitors to appropriate sources of information when necessary
Other duties as assigned
Contact: Ms. Billie Dunn
Revised 7.09
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Student Life Office Publication Assistant
Responsible for creation of Student Life Office marketing material including, but not limited to:

  • Stall Street Journal
  • Chrysalis
  • Flyers
  • Banners

Distribution of flyers and other marketing materials
Perform receptionist duties such as answering the phone and taking messages
Possess a general knowledge of offices and services at the College and can direct office guests to appropriate offices when necessary
Other duties as assigned
Contact: Mr. Travis Rose
Revised 7.09
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Student Life Office Student Assistant
The Student Life Office is composed of Career Services; Campus Involvement; Cultural Programs; Greek Life; Housing; Internships; Judicial Affairs; New Student Orientation; Student Activities; Residence Life and handles questions and concerns regarding student welfare. Reporting to the Dean of Students the student assistant (s) also take direction from the Director of Campus Involvement & Greek Life; Coordinator of Student Activities & Cultural Programs; Director of Residence Life and Director of Career Services & Internships. The Student Life Office is a fast pace environment where customer service is a priority. Student Assistant (s) are the frontline with assisting the campus community in addition to visitors and guests

Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Maintain a professional and positive lobby entrance
  • Answer the main Student Life phone and taking messages where appropriate
  • Distribute tickets for student events-following established guidelines
  • Maintain multiple event sign up sheets
  • Design, copy and post signs and flyers
  • Check Student Life mail box in College Hall
  • Distribute ping pong and pool equipment
  • Assist with confidential tasks
  • Assist with mailings or other projects as requested
  • Ability to run campus errands as needed
  • Light lifting (periodically)
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Completed minimum of one semester at Lake Erie College
  • Enrolled as a full time student, in good academic, financial and judicial standing at Lake Erie College
  • Relate and interact well with students, faculty and staff
  • Maintain a positive attitude about the College and surrounding area
  • Demonstrate reliability, trustworthiness and dependability
  • Willingness to learn
  • Exemplify good character and ethical decision making
  • Understand and support the importance and need for of confidentiality
  • Display good interpersonal, written and oral communication

Contact: Ms. Billie Dunn
Revised 7.09
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Student Success Center Front Desk Job Description
As a Front Desk Student Worker, I agree to:

  1. Come to work and leave at my scheduled time.
  2. Dress appropriately and professionally for my position.
  3. Conduct myself in a professional and appropriate manner on the job and in the Lake Erie College campus community.
  4. Specifically perform the following daily tasks:
    1. Ask each person coming in to the Student Success Center to sign in at the front desk.
    2. Keep all contacts with and information about students, faculty and staff using the Student Success Center strictly confidential.
    3. Perform clerical tasks including, but not limited to delivering mail to campus offices and the mailroom, making appointments for Dr. Spiesman in the event that he is unavailable, making sure the coffee, hot chocolate and tea remain stocked, keeping the front office area neat and orderly, assisting part time staff (massage therapist, chiropractor, campus physicians, campus barber) with making appointments and making clients feel welcome in the Center, handing out and collecting tutor request forms, developing and hanging posters advertising Center events.
    4. Contact Dr. Spiesman immediately in the event of an emergency when he is out of the office.
    5. Attend special trainings and center events as requested and available.
    6. Serve as the greeter/gatekeeper for the Center, making the campus community feel welcome here, interrupting Dr. Spiesman as necessary.
    7. Other jobs as requested by Dr. Spiesman.

Contact: Dr. John Spiesman
Revised 7.09
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Student Success Center Tutor
Tutors spend two hours a week per student aiding them in attaining comprehension and mastery of a specific subject area. Times and locations are arranged individually between the tutor and the student requesting assistance.
It is required that students wishing to become tutors have successfully completed the course in which they wish to tutor with a 3.0, or higher grade, or have been waived from the course by Advanced Placement. The student tutor must then secure an endorsement from a professor in the area in which he/she desires to tutor. Maintaining confidentiality, promptness, dependability and the ability to deal with confidential matters are mandatory. Appropriate forms are available from the Director of the Student Success Center.
Contact: Dr. John Spiesman
Revised 6.09
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Tech Support Assistant
Duties include assisting with the troubleshooting, repair and operation of the LEC network and the computers that comprise it. Tasks will include minor computer repair tasks like replacing broken mice or keyboards, picking up mail and paper daily, hauling broken computers to Holden for repair, and checking on the condition of the labs in Austin Science, Holden, Language Lab, Library and the Equestrian Center.
This position requires dependability, punctuality and a willingness to learn. Failure to work scheduled hours will not be tolerated. Computer experience using Windows based operating system is required.
Contact: Ms. Alista Lineburg or Mr. Jerry Vehovec
Revised 8.4.09
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Writing Center Job Description
Writing Assistants will help students with papers and presentations in all stages of development. Writing Assistants must be prepared to work with students from all academic disciplines. In addition to the primary task of helping students develop their writing and presentation skills, all Writing Assistants will be expected to complete appropriate documentation of sessions, file paperwork, schedule appointments, participate in regular staff meetings, and be subject to an annual review from the Writing Center director, Dr. Jennifer Swartz. Employment as a Writing Assistant is dependent on successfully completing EN 305, Composition Theory, submitting a writing sample, and completing an informal interview.
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Swartz.
Revised 8.09
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