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Faculty/Staff Directory


Name: Joe Weber
Position: Director of the Physician Assistant Program & Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Phone: 440.497.8625


Q1: Please provide your name and some contact information for us.

Name: Joe Weber
Current title: Director, Physician Assistant Sciences
Campus Address: College Hall 317
Email Address:
Office Phone Number: 440.497.8625

Q2: Please provide us with your educational background.

Mentor High School
Associate of Allied Business, Lakeland Community College, Ohio
BS Management Science, Dyke College, Ohio
MBA, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
Masters of Physician Assistant Sciences, Gannon University, Pennsylvania
Doctorate of Health Sciences, expected 2014, ATSU Arizona School of Health Sciences

Q3: Describe your area(s) of research.

Physician Assistant Sciences

Q4: Tell us when you joined the faculty at Lake Erie College.


Q5: How and why did you get into teaching?

I teach with a vision, and that vision comes from literally ‘seeing’ the anatomy, treating the physiology, talking with patients, performing clinical research, and actively engaging in learning about the future of medicine.
The area of medicine is a fascinating, evolving, dynamic field that is growing at an accelerated pace. Educational institutions have the responsibility of preparing students in biological and medical sciences to fill the ever- increasing demand for individuals in this amazing area of study.
The range of careers is widening as many areas of science expand to meet the burgeoning needs of society. Consequently, preparing students to meet these needs is critical for the future. I have a passion for the sciences and specifically for medicine and health sciences and I work with enthusiasm to help my students succeed.
I first became engaged in the area of medicine while I was at Case Western Reserve University. I had an early fascination in artificial intelligence systems especially as they related to medical systems. I completed several projects in this area including my final master’s project. My research included artificial vision systems and decision support in positron emission tomography. I completed my master’s degree and embarked on a successful career in computer engineering, but I always had a passion for health sciences. Several years ago, I was able to pursue my passion in medicine and complete a second master’s degree that gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge at the university level. I am now pursuing a Doctor of Health Sciences degree to further enhance my education.

Q6: Why did you choose to teach at Lake Erie College?

I was born and raised around Lake County and I know the amazing reputation and history at LEC. I was delighted to join the College to lead the Physician Assistant Program. This program will have a significant positive influence on the College and the community. Lake Erie College’s outstanding reputation, the vision of the President for the future for the College, and Lake Erie’s long history make me proud to be a member of the institution.

Q7: Please give an example of a real-world application of the courses you teach.

I start many classes with instantaneous engagement by asking a question or presenting a case study. For example, I will start some classes with a clinical scenario titled "Real Stories from the ER.” I present real cases that I’ve seen in the emergency room in a 3-5 minute scenario that serves as the starting point for the topic of the day. I then ask students for a differential diagnosis; I ask about what they know of the anatomy, physiology, biology, complications and other areas related to the scenario.
I reinforce the concepts that students need to think critically. Remembering a series of facts is not sufficient. Students need to think holistically about the physical, mental, social and ethical aspects of their studies. I challenge students to use facts as a baseline for building knowledge, to stretch the concepts further, to ask hard questions and to seek integration of information.

Q8: Why do you love your discipline that you teach?

I have been engaged in biology and health sciences as both an instructor in the classroom as well as a physician assistant in the emergency room. I have seen human biology at near the peak of perfection in athletes and near total collapse as I assisted resuscitating patients in cardiac arrest. I have literally seen ‘inside’ patients as I have assisted in abdominal aortic repairs as well as many open-abdomen, orthopedic and other surgeries.
It is hard for me to hide my enthusiasm for biology, anatomy and physiology, medicine and education. I carry that enthusiasm to the classroom, to my students and to my colleagues. When instructors are excited, students are excited and engaged. The learning process goes from a laborious process to a passion. I work to create an environment of wonder about the biological world around us.

Q9: What has been your proudest moment as a professor at Lake Erie College?

I have had many proud moments as a professor, mostly working one-on-one with students and helping them find their true passion in life. I was blessed to have been asked to be the keynote speaker for the Mortar Board induction ceremony at LEC. I am also blessed to have the honor of leading the Bible student group for a group of amazing young men and women.

Q10: What one to two life skills do you try to teach your students?

The two major life skills I teach are passion and compassion. Students should love what they do and be passionate contributors to their fields. In addition, students need to have a heart. They need to show compassion to everyone in their life and show kindness to everyone they encounter.

Q11: What one concept would you like every student to know and understand? 

This is related to life skills: follow your passion and be a blessing to those in need. Your life will be fulfilled if you follow those concepts.

Q12: How do you interact with students outside of class?

I love talking with students and spending time at sporting events or helping students get involved in volunteer activities. As part of the new Physician Assistant Program, we will be leading many outside activities to labs and various medical facilities.


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