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Dance Alumni
Leading the Lake Erie College Dance Department, our dance faculty is composed of talented professionals who “do" as well as teach our craft.  We invite you to join our program and are eager to educate dance students based on our experiences, both professional and academic.


Dance Alumni

ERIN LEIGH graduated from Lake Erie College in 1992, with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Dance Aesthetics. She received her master of fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is presently a member of the dance faculty at Coker College in South Carolina.

"I attribute my career and my accomplishments to the Dance Department at Lake Erie College. Not only was I inspired to pursue a career in dance, but I was also equipped with the professional knowledge to be successful in that pursuit. Since my time at Lake Erie College, I have encountered many teachers and professionals in the field of dance. In comparing these experiences, I am constantly amazed at the quality of instruction and the wide range of opportunities that were available to me through the wise and inspired direction of the Lake Erie College dance program."

MARLENE LEBER graduated from Lake Erie College in 1993, with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Dance. She is currently director of the upper school dance program at The Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

"The Lake Erie College Dance Department forever changed the way I approach the art form of dance. Chris and Lisa bring a wealth of technical training and performing experience into the classroom without pretense or ego. And their creative vision, emphasizing process over product, translates into thought provoking and cutting edge choreography. They are risk takers who continue to inspire and amaze. I hope they will remain on the Cleveland arts scene for a long time to come."

AMY COMPTON graduated from Lake Erie College in 1998 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Dance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Languages. She is an active performer, choreographer and teacher throughout northeast Ohio.

"I have known Chris and Lisa as my teachers, mentors and, currently, as my colleagues. They have made a great impact on my life. As teachers, they have the ability to transform the lives of their students. Their vast knowledge of dance, along with their unique pedagogic methods, gives them the resources to reach students of differing abilities and experience levels. I can honestly say that being their student has challenged me to become a greater person, and allowed me to accomplish my dreams. I continue to learn from them every day as their friend and colleague."

VANESSA MOHN graduated from Lake Erie College in 2007, with a double major in Dance and Psychology. She is presently at Antioch University in New England, pursuing her Master of Applied Psychology in Dance Movement Therapy and Counseling. 

"My experience in the Dance Program at Lake Erie College was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The Dance program at Lake Erie provided new and amazing experiences involving different cultures and finding ones own creative self. The dance program at Lake Erie was the starting point of a new life for me that introduced me to a world where it is okay just to be you!"

Howard Washington HOWARD WASHINGTON II graduated in 2008 with a BFA degree in dance and a minor in entrepreneurship. He is currently an administrator at the Cleveland College Preparatory School. He also continues to teach, choreograph and perform throughout northeast Ohio. 

"The Lake Erie College dance program gave me the freedom to express who I am through dance. Chris and Lisa helped me to find my voice and to free my spirit, pushing me creatively to places that I never thought I could go. And then there is the after-college connection that Chris and Lisa have maintained with me. They continue to help me grow as a performer, a teacher and a choreographer. They make it easy for me to keep my passion for dance, and to never forget why I wanted to make dance my career in the first place."

HANNAH ZIEGLER graduated in 2008 with a BFA degree in Fine Arts. She now teaches, choreographs and performs throughout northeast Ohio. 

"I grew both as a mover and as an artist studying in the dance program at Lake Erie College. I am a more confident, versatile, strong, and mobile dancer. As an artist, I have developed performance techniques and had the opportunity to learn a broad range of repertoire. I also value the privilege and experience of being able to study with the many guest artists visiting the college. I found a passion for choreography through the dance program's composition class. As a result, I chose to apply for my bachelor of fine arts degree, completing my requirements with a choreographic project in spring of 2008. I could never have done this without Chris and Lisa whose patience and one on one coaching assisted me in translating my movement and intention to my dancers."

KAREN TECH graduated from Lake Erie College in 2009 with a BFA degree in Fine Arts and a minor in business administration. She is now in graduate school at Mercyhurst College, pursuing her master of education degree.  "Knowing I wanted to study dance in college, I found Lake Erie College and immediately loved the small class sizes and personal attention within the dance department. Throughout my years of study at the college I became a stronger, more confident, and versatile dancer. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this spring by choreographing "Flowers Come With Gardens." This piece is a multimedia celebration of my family, emphasizing the role of my grandparents in my own development. Working closely with me throughout, Chris and Lisa helped me gain a better understanding of the creative process and I came to be significantly more comfortable with my own choreography."
Lauren Boucher LAUREN BOUCHER graduated from Lake Erie College in 2010 with a BFA degree in Fine Arts and a minor in entrepreneurship. She is completing her requirements to become a Registered Dance Educator through the National Registry of Dance Educators.  She is currently employed as a Dance Educator at Dance Expressions Unlimited in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts where she choreographs for the Dance Expressions Ensemble, and coordinates Dance Express, providing creative movement classes for area school children.  "Chris and Lisa, you were the reason I came to Lake Erie College, and I wasn't disappointed. Thank you for helping me to grow as a dancer and as an artist. All the time and energy you gave me over the years did not go unappreciated. I especially want to thank you both for working with me during my senior year as I prepared for my BFA concert. The hours and hours of rehearsing with me, tweaking technology, creating music, and making costumes were so greatly appreciated. I could not have done it without you. I will never forget you both, and everything you've done for me."


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