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In the true spirit of the Liberal Arts--where diversity of disciplines studied broadens individual capacities to understand and to feel--music studies at Lake Erie College are open to all students, regardless of their previous experience.


Music Curriculum

A student may engage music studies regardless of major. However, one may wish to pursue a B.A. or B.F.A. in the Fine Arts with concentration in Music. There are a few different foci within the Music Concentration. A student may pursue an applied or performance-centered concentration; or one that is theory/composition-based; or one that is more centered on musicology, or the historical aspects of music--depending on how he/she envisions their future in music.


Individualized Major

The individualized major is an option for those students whose desired course of study crosses disciplines. We can assist you in designing an individualized major that serves your own unique interests and goals. The individualized major permits you to integrate your interest in dance with other arts, or with other programs throughout the college.

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