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December 19, 2011

Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship Helps Students

(Painesville, OH.) – Parents with twins can look at a cost of at least half a million dollars in tuition to put their children through college. Lake Erie College is one of the few colleges and universities in the United States that consider the financial obstacle facing parents with twins or multiples. As one of the many forms of financial aid the College offers, the Twins Scholarship shows the College's responsiveness to the needs of the students and their parents.

Lake Erie College's Twins Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship (up to 18 credit hours per semester) that is awarded 50/50 if both twins are enrolled full-time. Essentially, both twins can attend school for the tuition cost of only one. If a twin is eligible for a higher merit award, then he or she would receive that instead of the Twins Scholarship. If one twin leaves, the other twin loses the scholarship. However, the College's Financial Aid Department would then re-evaluate the remaining twin's eligibility for a merit award.

"The benefit of receiving the Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship is the cost savings. Understanding the current economy, Lake Erie College is prepared to guide students in receiving the appropriate financial aid,” said Tricia Pangonis, director of financial aid.

A Twins Scholarship is considered to be one of the most "unusual” yet significant scholarships, according to "The Smart Guide to Financial Aid.” Lake Erie College is one of eight states that offer twin/triplet scholarship programs, and one of just two colleges in Ohio. The College currently has ten sets of twins receiving the Twins Scholarship.

"The Twins Scholarship is a great resource for my sister Kalli and me. We are pleased to know that we can get the education we need at Lake Erie College to become successful in life, without accumulating considerable debt,” said sophomore Kerri Holdash.

Sophomores Skyler and Spencer Nick were searching for a college that offered a scholarship similar to the Twins Scholarship. It was on their first visit to Lake Erie College that they knew this is where they belong.

"As a single parent, our mother wanted us to find a notable college where we could receive the best possible education that was also affordable,” said the Nick twins.

Other twins receiving the scholarship include seniors Ashley and Tiffany Kozane and juniors Brooke and Mason Visalden. These students learned that Lake Erie College offers specialized education and that it can become a valuable stepping stone for graduate school.

"Knowing that Lake Erie College offered the Twins Scholarship, I was able to finalize my college decision,” said Ashley Kozane.

The Twins Scholarship dates back over 30 years and has brought the College much notoriety in magazines like Fortune, Mademoiselle, Seventeen and Newsweek.

For more information about Lake Erie College's Twins Scholarship or other available forms of financial aid, visit or email

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