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Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.

Technology Update from President Victor

To:     All LEC Faculty, Staff and Students
From:  Michael Victor, President
Date:  September 15, 2008
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to campus and express my best wishes for a successful academic year.  As you no doubt have noticed, there have been many changes made on campus over the summer, including significant upgrades to technology at LEC.  I encourage you to take a moment to read the following update on the status of technology at your College.  We are in the process of finalizing installation in some areas while others, such as the Citrix technology, will be completed within the next 60 days.  I want to express my thanks to Jason Spotz, Director of IT and his staff at LEC as well as Cathy Horton and the Beta Strategy Group for their outstanding work toward bringing technology to the forefront at LEC.
LEC Technology Upgrade for 2008        
In October of 2007, LEC decided to retain Beta Strategy Group (BSG) to overhaul and upgrade their existing IT infrastructure and install wireless Internet access around its Painesville Campus. The IT backbone to the college was upgraded completely, resulting in vastly improved reliability and speed.
Using this new infrastructure, BSG installed wireless access points throughout the campus buildings and also created external campus hotspots where students like to congregate.  The wireless signals and increased capacity that has been deployed by the College will enable numerous teaching and social options for both faculty and students; options that simply were not possible without state of the art equipment. Now, LEC students can complete, instantly and wirelessly, otherwise impossible activities such as: logging on in real-time to a website referenced in a lecture; sending jobs to printers without physically plugging into the network; or simply surfing the Internet while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine outside. The LEC staff is already experiencing similar improvements and additions to their IT capabilities.  The LEC security staff monitors currently multiple areas of campus via the new security cameras; and faculty and student lecturers are showing web content live, seamlessly streaming content.  Both functions are possible due to the improved reliability, bandwidth and network speed available to our College community.
A Rolling Stone
LEC’s IT team is working continuously to improve the infrastructure to maintain and improve this quality, especially as the College expands. Already this academic year the College is utilizing the newly acquired Garfield facility, as well as, integrating four student apartment complexes into the list of buildings under the College’s technology umbrella
Garfield Wing
The Garfield Wing has been wired into the College’s network to enable all users to access the network, as if they were in any other building on campus. LEC asked BSG to design and project manage the installation of this integration. This work includes connecting College Hall to the new buildings, thereby connecting the existing infrastructure with the new. The design includes a number of ‘wired’ points, where users can physically plug into the network, in addition to wireless access points being installed. Eight overhead projectors are being installed and linked to the network as well. Since certain areas of the Garfield facility will need to be renovated, these areas are not yet covered by this new cabling and internet service. This will be added at a later date once renovations are completed.
Apartment Complex
LEC has acquired new apartment complexes at Founders’ Court to house an increasing student body. Connectivity to these buildings will also meet the expectations of the students and reputation of the college. Our students will have then the state of the art, wireless, experience they have already become accustomed to thanks to the hard work and commitment of LEC and BSG.
Improved Help Desk Response
The College is also deploying an advanced technology entitled Citrix.  Citrix is virtualization software which can manage remotely the applications on the student and College computers. This system is maintained on a central computer that stores all information. This will have very little impact on the end user as they see it; however the IT team will run far more efficiently. In effect, this system provides the users with the desktops they operate currently and enhanced data security as all of the information is centrally located, and accessed remotely by the user. The IT team can, through this centralized system, provide students and faculty with unparalleled response time to computer problems.
Security Cameras
In an effort to improve student security even further on the campus, LEC asked BSG to arrange for the design, purchase and installation of an advanced security camera system which includes 18 state of the art cameras. These cameras are enabled with advanced remote monitoring capabilities such as zoom, turn/tilt etc, thereby enabling LEC to monitor a wider physical area. These cameras will be cabled to enhance the monitoring capabilities of the security team, enabling one person to monitor multiple areas of the campus at once, and if needed, coordinate with a team on the ground.
It is LEC’s foresight that recognizes the importance of IT in the modern world.  I, along with all those at LEC and the BSG team, want all students attending the College to have the best facilities available to them in today’s world. “Get In. Stand Out.™”
Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.


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