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Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.

Lake Erie student to travel to Bosnia to influence natives

Lake Erie College sophomore, Stephanie Kilper, will travel to Bosnia July 25, – August 2, 2010 on a mission trip titled “Transform 2010” to bring hope and share her passion for dance with the native people.

Transform 2010 is a movement in which hundreds of people train and serve together in some of the least-reached parts of the world for the summer.

In the early 1990s, Bosnia-Hercegovina gained dominance when members of a religiously-diverse society lost their tolerance toward each other. This caused a three-way war involving Muslim Slavs, Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats which resulted in 100,000 dead and wounded and over 2 million refugees displaced people. Today, about 20 years later, many still cannot return to their homes because other ethnic groups live there.

Kilper will travel to Rome July 19-23 with other members of Transform 2010 to train and learn. On July 24, the group will move from Rome to Sarajevo, Bosnia to begin the mission on July 25. While in Bosnia, Kilper and her team will travel around the country dancing in shopping centers, subway stations or parks to build relationships with strangers.

“This is great opportunity to use drama, music, and art to positively influence the Bosnian people,” said Kilper. “The trip is especially unique for me to use my talent, which is dancing.”

The people of Bosnia-Hercegovina identify mainly with their culture rather than the Muslim religion for ethnic reasons.  Many do not practice religious laws, few visit mosques and most have never read the Qur’an.

“My ultimate goal with this trip is to help others and build relationships with the people who are in need. I want to come back a changed person because I was able to change someone else’s life,” Kilper said. “I want to give the people hope because it seems like such a struggling place.”

Kilper resides in Stow, Ohio and is currently a member of Lake Erie’s Annex Christian organization and an ambassador for the College.

Stephanie is responsible for raising the cost for her trip to Bosnia which totals about $949, not including airfare. If you would like to support Stephanie, please make your tax-deductible donation payable to Operation Mobilization and send it to:

Misha Zverez
Operation Mobilization, P.O. Box 444
Tyrone, Ga., 30290-0444

Stephanie’s account number is 2278908 and must be placed in the memo area on the check. Deadline for sending donations is now over.

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Note: This is a news archive and may contain outdated information.


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