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Scott Fletcher


Experiential Opportunities that Make a Difference

Scott Fletcher, a political science major at Lake Erie, spent the spring semester in Washington D.C. as an Academic Programs Coordinator at the Meridian International Center. "I have learned a great deal about US institutions, both governmental and non-governmental,” he says. Examples include the Department of State, World Bank, IMF, USAID, United States Institute for Peace, and the American Enterprise Institute.

"I would recommend an internship experience to all students, regardless of their major. I would recommend doing as many as possible to build a professional network as well as achieve a better understanding of the workplace environment. Also, internships are an excellent way to build a resume, as well as figure out what profession to choose or not to choose.”

When asked how his time at Lake Erie prepared him for this internship, he said, "Rigorous course work would be the most obvious. Having to balance multiple tasks while maintaining a high level of efficiency is a must both in academics and the work place.”

Scott went on to say that one of his most significant experience at Lake Erie was completing an independent study with Dr. Tom Davis, studying the politics of developing countries; the independent nature of the work and balancing it with regular classes was good practice for his internship requirements.

As for specific skills developed while at Lake Erie College, Scott focused on the value of communication skills. "[It] is an incredibly valuable skill,” he says. "You could be the smartest and most talented person, but if you cannot effectively communicate, your ideas will never be heard. Researching and communicating were the two most significant skills I learned at Lake Erie.”

Upon his return from Washington D.C. and graduation, Scott was hired to do research for the ECM Plastics company at their Painesville, Ohio branch. His role in the company is to research state legislation that bans labeling plastics as biodegradable, federal regulations like the FTC Green Guides, and international regulations from the EU REACH Guides, among other regulations. He plans on attending Cleveland Marshal next fall to begin law school.

We congratulate Scott on his position and wish him luck in law school.
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