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Honors Program

For over 151 years, Lake Erie College has been educating students for the world after college. We combine a liberal arts education with practical "real-life" experiences.  The steps to gather information about Lake Erie College are easy. What you will discover may benefit you for a lifetime.


The Lake Erie College Honors Program

About the Honors Program

The Lake Erie College Honors Program is an exciting option that focuses on an interdisciplinary core of courses designed to challenge and stimulate academically-gifted students.


Students must complete honors section courses in five of the six core-area requirements and complete the freshman Honors Seminar. Honors students will also present their senior capstone/research project to the campus community. To remain in the program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.


As a student in the Honors Program, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Honors Program scholarship
  • Academic programming
    • Travel
    • Lectures
    • Honors Reception
  • Enhanced Honors classes
  • Priority registration
  • Undergraduate research and leadership opportunities
  • Personal academic advising and support with your Senior Seminar/Capstone
  • Official college recognition on transcript

The recipient must have a:

  • High School GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • ACT score of 25 or higher
  • SAT score of 1720 or higher

The recipient must complete:

  • 1500 word essay
  • Admissions interview
Become part of the Lake Erie College Honors Program

*Applications must be received by: February 1

Learn about the Presidential Honors Scholarship Competition

*Applications must be received by: February 3

Core Requirements

Freshman Honors Seminar EN 102

Different topics will be covered each semester, always including an international element 4 credits

In addition, students must also complete five of these six courses (20 credits of the possible 24):

Critical Thinking Skills
HU 125H Critical Thinking Through Controversy 4 credits

Analysis of Sophisticated Texts
PR 111H Issues in Western Culture 4 credits

Foundation of Cultures and Values
IS 200H Peoples and Cultures in Contrast 4 credits

Experiences with Aesthetic Forms
FA 101H Arts and their Interrelations 4 credits

Principles and Application of Scientific Inquiry
BI 101H Introductory Biology I 4 credits

Analysis in Behavioral and Social Sciences
SO 112H Contemporary Social Issues 4 credits

Senior Capstone Experience

Senior Research Project 2-4 credits
This is a requirement for all graduating seniors; topic and scope are determined in conjunction with a faculty director in the major area. Students in the Honors Program are required to make a formal presentation of their research to the campus community during the annual Lake Erie College Scholars Research Colloquium

"The honors program provides a type
of community of diverse individuals who bring very different perspectives, majors and demographics to the table. Being part of this program isn’t just about writing the best papers or giving the best presentations, it’s a commitment to being a lifelong learner by always pushing yourself, maintaining an open mind and developing a ‘big picture’ outlook of the world."

"There were a broad range of experiences during my four years at LEC that prepared me for admission to graduate school: professors who came from a variety of specialties and fields in Psychology; and the requirements of my senior research seminar in developing and presenting an original experiment. [The] research requirement to earn my degree and graduate from the scholars program was a priceless learning experience. It forced me to push myself to the highest standards and gave me a real life opportunity to practice the concepts I will need throughout my graduate program to complete my final dissertation."

For More Information:

Dr. Deborah Schulman
| 440.375.7351 | dschulman@lec.edu

For more information on Lake Erie College’s Undergraduate Research, including the Honors Program Research Colloquium, please visit the
Undergraduate Research page.
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