4+1 Reading Endorsement

Students pursuing the early childhood PreK-3rd and Intervention Specialist initial licensure also earn a reading endorsement in 2 semesters (12 credit hours) immediately following successful completion of initial licensure requirements.

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EMR 501 Theory and Practice in Reading (3 SH)

This class focuses on the foundation of reading and writing the psychological, sociological, and linguistic aspects of reading and writing.  Candidates become familiar with reading research and the histories of reading.  Emphasis is directed to language development, reading acquisition and the variations related to culture and linguistic diversity.  Candidates learn how to integrate major components of reading (phonemic awareness, word identification and phonics, vocabulary and background knowledge, fluency, comprehension strategies, and motivation) to develop fluent readers.

EMR 502 Reading Strategies and Curriculum (3 SH)

Candidates learn and use a wide variety of instructional practices, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials to support reading and writing instruction.  They use grouping options (individual, small group, whole-class, and computer based) to enhance and instruct for various purposes.  Instructional strategies, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials are used to assist students at various developmental levels and with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Candidates learn to align instruction and curriculum with state and local standards.

EMR 504 Socio-Cultural Factors in Literacy (3 SH)

Candidates learn to use student interests, reading abilities and backgrounds as motivational tools to encourage reading and writing.  Candidates themselves become lifelong learners and enthusiastically reflect that disposition to their students.  Candidates develop a repertoire of books, technology based information, and non-print materials representing multiple levels, broad interests, cultures and linguistic backgrounds to facilitate comprehension.

EMR 512 Professional Development and Field Research (3 SH)

Candidates participate in field experiences that are logical, sequential, and planned at the Pre-K-3, middle, and secondary levels. They display dispositions related to reading and the teaching of reading, model ethical professional behavior, and work with colleagues to observe, evaluate, reflect and provide feedback on each other’s practice to improve instruction. Candidates can fulfill these hours in partially in your own classroom, within your building and within your district in order to interact with all grade bands. The field experience hours total 100 hours over the course of the semester.

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