4/5 Endorsement

Lake Erie College offers a 12 semester hour Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement for early childhood licensure candidates or teachers that hold a PreK-3rd license. After completion of coursework candidates are required to take the OAE Elementary Education subtests (018 and 019). This endorsement can be completed at the undergraduate and post-bac level and allows candidates the opportunity to teach in PreK- 5th grade classrooms.

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Requirements for the Endorsement: 12 semester credits including:

EDE 431 Development in Late Childhood: Age 9-11 (3 SH)

EDE 432 Content Specific Methods: 4/5 Language Arts and Social Studies (3 SH)

EDE 433 Content Specific Methods: 4/5 Math and Science

EDC 300 Ohio History (3 SH)

Students coming from other institutions can complete the 4/5 endorsement as a transient student. Please complete the following forms and submit to registrar@lec.edu

  1. Transient Form https://www.lec.edu/Content/uploads/pdf-logo.gif
  2. Registration Form https://www.lec.edu/Content/uploads/pdf-logo.gif
  3. Email questions about the program to Dr. Katharine Delavan at kdelavan@lec.edu