4/5 Endorsement

Lake Erie College offers a 9 semester hour Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement for early childhood licensure candidates or teachers that hold a PreK-3rd license. After completion of coursework candidates are required to take the OAE Elementary Education subtests (018 and 019). This endorsement can be completed at the undergraduate level and allows candidates the opportunity to teach in PreK- 5th grade classrooms.

Lake Erie College offers the online option of earning your Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement. 

Requirements for the Endorsement: 9 semester credits including:

EDE 431 Development in Late Childhood: Age 9-11 (3 SH)

EDE 432 Content Specific Methods: 4/5 Language Arts and Social Studies (3 SH)

EDE 433 Content Specific Methods: 4/5 Math and Science