4 Step Approach to Success

Career Action Plan

4 Step Approach to Success: Explore. Connect. Plan. Achieve.

Step 1: Explore.

Career exploration starts with understanding yourself and being able to identify and articulate your skills, values, and interests. Career Services offers online assessments that we encourage you to take before your career coaching appointment. These assessments will offer careers and majors that are determined to be a possible match for you based on your answers. Students should then begin to explore these different opportunities through research.

Step 2: Connect.

Once you have taken these assessments and began research, you'll likely begin to see connections between your skills, values, and interests and the industries, careers and majors at Lake Erie College that you are researching. Once you begin to make these connections, some will stand out more than others and you'll want to connect with that major or career in a more practical way. LEC students can do this by taking an introduction class, participating in volunteer, student organizations or employment opportunities, taking part in the experiential learning program through an internship, and conducting informational interviewing with current professionals in the field.

Step 3: Plan.

Career Services will help you utilize your time at Lake Erie by not only helping you explore your interests and connect you with options, but also plan and map out different opportunities. Whether you are a freshman with four years left or a graduating senior, deciding your purpose and creating a plan to get there will aid in your marketability to internships, employers, and graduate schools.

Step 4: Achieve.

Your achievements at Lake Erie College, whether in the classroom, lab, athletics, internships, and the various other opportunities are only as powerful as how you communicate them to potential employers and graduate schools. Career Services will help you to learn how to develop professional documents, strategies for interviewing and networking, and how to conduct an internship or job search. We also want to know about your great achievements and collect data on our intern's experiences and alumni achievements post-graduation.

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