What Is the LEC V.E.T.S. Program?

The Veteran Education and Transition Support (V.E.T.S.) Program at Lake Erie College assists individuals that have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States, as well as their dependents, in attaining their educational goals. Our goal is to assist them in transitioning from the military to the college and civilian world successfully by providing academic support, benefit and education counseling, program information, and referrals to appropriate resources.

What Services Does the V.E.T.S. Program Offer?

  • Academic Advice. The VETS Program does not replace your academic advisor. Rather, we can help you consider your educational plans in light of your prior military experience and current responsibilities. We can also help you make the transition between the military mindset and expectations and the academic ones.
  • Personal Support. The VETS Program provides compassionate and knowledgeable responses to your physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. If necessary, we can refer you to other sources of professional help, and we can work with faculty to negotiate adjustments within the classroom environment and with coursework.
  • Navigating the System. The VETS Program can provide assistance with college procedures and policies, as well as registration, billing, and financial aid. We can help you determine the steps you need to follow and the offices you need to consult to get your questions answered and your problems addressed.
  • Safe Spaces. “The Bunker” (College Hall 330) is a vets-only lounge for relaxation and socialization. There are two computers, a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, and snacks. The Study Room (College Hall 327) is a space for individual study, small group work, or tutoring. All military-affiliated students are welcome to use these spaces and are encouraged to do so.

Where Are the V.E.T.S. Program Offices Located?

The V.E.T.S. Program occupies its own wing of the third floor of College Hall.

  • Dr. Margaret Payerle, Coordinator       College Hall 326
  • The Study Room                                      College Hall 327
  • The V.E.T.S. Program Office                   College Hall 328
  • “The Bunker”                                            College Hall 330

For questions and information, contact Dr. Payerle, Program Coordinator, at:

EMAIL  mpayerle@lec.edu
PHONE 440.375.7152