Study Abroad with Equine Studies

International Studies

The International Studies program at Lake Erie College offers students two opportunities to expand their knowledge of the horse industry outside of the United States. Students may spend a semester abroad or they may participate in a short-term faculty-led study tour.

Students enroll in classes at institutions abroad for transferable academic credit. They have the opportunity to make industry contacts, experience another culture, participate in equine programs and courses not offered by Lake Erie and, in some instances, learn another language. Students often gain part-time employment in their host countries.

Lake Erie College takes an active role in matching students with international institutions that have equine programs. The process requires a solid understanding of our academic program and collaboration with other departments at Lake Erie College to transfer credits in other courses. Lake Erie College personnel together with the faculty and staff at the host institutions to place students in appropriate academic classes in their areas of interest.

  • Hartpury College, England
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Oatridge College, Scotland
  • Massey University, New Zealand
  • Charles Sturt University, Australia
  • University of Guelph, College of Agriculture, Canada

Study Tours

Students may also enroll in a class at Lake Erie for academic credit that culminates in a two-week study tour. Study tours are often collaborative efforts between the Equine Studies Department and other departments of the College.

May 2009:  Germany and Austria- Quotes from the Students

"Warendorf is known across the world as the mecca of horsemanship: proper training, riding, breeding, management, etc. Spending three hours on a private tour of the entire facility, speaking with the financial and riding managers, seeing the horses in action, and meeting some of the world's top horses was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best of the best.

"We were all anxious to see what feelings Mauthausen Concentration Camp would bring upon us. As we left the city, we passed signs for Dachau. Prisoners who built and ran Mauthausen were from Dachau. The drive to the small town was beautiful; it was hard to imagine what the ride for the prisoners felt like.
We are very grateful we were able to experience Mauthausen. It is important that we appreciate our freedoms and cultural differences. This experience demonstrated that it is crucial to never let this happen again.
****Loretta, Katie & Kirstin****

"Our experience at the Spanish Riding School began with a brief overview, then a question and answer session with the chief financial director at the SRS. Being able to view the school which represents over 400 years of tradition was a unique and very special experience. Some interesting discussion topics included the privatization of the school within the recent past, and the difficulty of acquiring sponsors while maintaining a traditional setting. Like the stud at Warendorf, the school and stud at Piber cannot be self-sufficient financially. But, unlike Warendorf, where sponsor logos are everywhere from saddle pads to arena walls, the SRS is held to the standard of maintaining the appearance of the past.

May 2008:  England and Ireland

Ms. Mary Pardee, Dr. Tom Lix and former Assoc. Dean Stephanie Huffman planned the inaugural Equine Entrepreneurship study tour to England and Ireland. Along with the many cultural highlights of the two countries, students had the opportunity to meet world-class equestrians and see excellent equestrian business models. One of the most memorable moments was meeting Jeremy Noseda, a leading trainer of racehorses, and attending his work outs on the gallops of Newmarket, England. The entire town is built around the racehorse industry, and each morning hundreds of thoroughbreds make their way from the center of town to the uphill galloping tracks that ring the city. The horses emerged from the pre-dawn mist in groups of 10 - 20, lining up for their training runs up the rolling green hills. It was an amazing spectacle!

May 2007:  China

Dr. Rabi Hasan (Assistant Professor of Business) and Dr. Elisabeth Giedt traveled to China. Visits included Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai. The group was fortunate to see the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China.