Academic Awards

Deans Pillar Award

The hallmark of great private colleges and universities like Lake Erie College is their emphasis on individualized learning and student achievement.  This can only be accomplished by a faculty of the highest quality working in a supportive environment that encourages and fosters inquiry, critical thinking and a broader understanding of the world in which we live.

The Deans’ Pillar Award has been created to recognize a member of the Lake Erie College faculty who best represents the three pillars of the College – Tradition, Excellence and Service.  This individual is chosen from among many different academic disciplines and the rich diversity of education, experience and interests on our campus.  Making this choice is difficult, as there are common threads woven throughout our distinguished group of academicians.  They are first and foremost teachers who come to Lake Erie to work one-on-one with students whom they serve as advisors, mentor and friends.  They are dedicated and committed professionals who have worked long and hard to be the best in their particular academic discipline in order to instruct and guide future generations as their life’s work.  They are value-centered, passionate, creative and caring. 

The deans and VPAA are the review committee and are granted at the end of each academic year.

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award of Excellence

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Awards are granted at the end of each academic year in recognition of the vital contributions adjuncts make to the teaching mission of the College. The deans and VPAA will serve as the review committee and will solicit nominations as appropriate, or bring names forward for discussion.


  • Taught for a minimum of five years at Lake Erie College, or have been on the teaching schedule within the past five years. Exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the dean and VPAA
  • Had consistently satisfactory student evaluation feedback as per dean review
  • Demonstrated a commitment to excellence as evidenced by one or more of the following:
    • Effectiveness in the classroom.
    • Knowledge of subject matter.
    • Involvement with students in and outside the classroom
    • Contribution to curricula development.
    • Contributions to his or her discipline and profession.
    • Contributions to the community.