Student Profile: Michelle Kinney

Michelle Kinney is a member of the Arts, Culture and Humanities Learning Community. She is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio, who is majoring in adolescent/young adult education with a concentration in English. She is also a member of the Storm Swimming team, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Campus Advisory Board (CAB), and is the president of the World's Culture's Club. She decided to attend Lake Erie College because it felt like home, and she feels that her community on campus is like a second family to her.

What is your favorite thing about LEC?

My favorite thing about LEC is all of the activities going on around campus. [Student Life Office] and CAB put on some great activities and I am never bored here. They bring in awesome people and great groups, and when you attend the events you don't find yourself looking at the time.

What do you enjoy the most about being a part of a Learning Community?

The best part of the Learning Community experience is the small community my group has with one another. We were really able to connect in class our freshman year, and now we hang out outside of class.

How has the LC experience changed your career at LEC and beyond?

The Learning Community has changed my career at LEC and beyond by opening my mind. I am now able to look at different situations in a different light. Plus, making that e-portfolio is going to make me stand out when I submit my resume for future employers.