ALAO Assessment Interest Group Selects Lake Erie College’s Jeanna Purses as Co-Chair


Jeanna Purses, Director of the Lincoln Library at Lake Erie College, has been selected for the position of Co-Chair of the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) Assessment Interest Group. As a member of the group, Purses was eligible to apply for the position and stepped forward when there was a call for applicants.

The ALAO Assessment Interest Group provides a network to discuss issues and developments in the assessment of Ohio academic libraries. Members are encouraged to discuss topics such as collections, organization, student learning outcomes, research methodologies and more. The group also seeks to provide opportunities for professional service and development for individuals tasked with library assessment. This networking and exchange of ideas is intended to be a source of growth for all members.

Purses sought the co-chair position as a chance to strengthen and improve the assessment practices at the Lincoln Library. With support from her peer librarians, she intends to double check her current practices and learn how to navigate new developments and implement best practices.

“Academic libraries have been undergoing unprecedented changes in general for the past decade or so, but especially in the way they assess the value of services and its impact on the learning community,” Purses said. “Librarians have to understand which services, which supports, which activities best help students learn and grow, best support the college mission, and best further the learning community's overall success.”

Through collegiate brainstorming, training and action, Lake Erie College can count on new and innovative ways to assess and improve library services. Assessment provides the best methods to articulate the value of library services to stakeholders who can provide support for updates. Purses and her staff want to provide the highest quality assessments, which are vital to college and learning communities and vital to libraries to be able to communicate the validity of their financial and staffing needs.

I am also hoping to give a voice to and some exposure for our LEC community," Purses adds, "for all the wonderful and innovative things we are implementing and accomplishing.”

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