Amanda Murdock ’17 earns spot at nation’s No. 1 veterinary school


Amanda Murdock ’17 formed meaningful bonds with her mentors at Lake Erie College. Now she will join the incoming fall class at the School of Veterinary Medicine at University of California – Davis, the highest ranked veterinary college in the nation.

“In particular, I am interested in a concept called ‘One Health,’ where the health of the environment, human health, and health of livestock, crops and wildlife all affect each other,” said the alumna, who will pursue a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

She had hoped to zero in on equine nutrition by double majoring in equine studies and chemistry at LEC, but veterinary medicine arose as her true ambition. Less than two years ago, she decided to plate a larger portion.

“I am still interested in metabolic biology and nutrition, but, like a lot of other things, it isn’t a standalone process; it is impacted by all kinds of factors. All of those factors correlate directly to health and wellness,” she said.

In the science curriculum, one course, organic chemistry, she said, “gives insight into the rigor of studying medicine and the trials that go with it.”

The prospect of studying science and equine studies compelled her to move from the San Francisco Bay Area, California to Painesville, Ohio. At Lake Erie College, the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics became a pivotal resource for her career exploration. She recognized the instrumental support of Dean Johnathan Tedesco, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; Dr. Zane Johnson, associate professor of biology, and Dr. Deborah Schulman, associate professor of biology.

Not only that, she counts Dean of the School of Business Robert Trebar, Ph.D., Professor of Visual Art Nancy Prudic and Vice President for Student Affairs Billie Dunn, who shuttled her to an internship at the Lubrizol Corporation, among her network of trusted advisors.

“When you start college, you don’t really know what you want to study, what to do for a career, or where your life is going to take you,” she said. “I found that the best solution is to follow what interests you and take full advantage of the opportunities campus life gives you; join clubs, go on trips abroad, volunteer. Take this time to broaden your horizons.”

She followed her own advice, seeking a wealth of experience. In academics, residence life and equestrian competition, Murdock stood out.

The chemistry major took on minors in biology, mathematics and equine studies. She even soared from newbie rider status to become the IHSA Western Team captain and point secretary. In her senior year, Murdock served as one of seven students on LEC’s Academic Affairs Student Advisory Council. The group boosted student involvement, campus pride and intellectual curiosity on campus.

Not one to restrict herself, last summer she ventured to Italy with her Italian class, led by Associate Professor Paola Basile, Ph.D. A recap of their trip may be found here.

Throughout college, Murdock worked as a resident assistant and a student worker in the James F. Lincoln Library. Now, she holds the positions of assistant resident director and mailroom supervisor.

She suggests first-year students should resist coasting through college, look after their health and keep an open mind.

“Good grades don’t magically appear. You have to work hard for them, but make sure that you don’t work yourself into the ground,” she said.

Chasing unfamiliar experiences takes courage. This alumna’s courage and willingness to connect will be an asset in the endeavor for One Health at UC-Davis and beyond. Lake Erie College is proud to have helped in cultivating her success.

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