Arts, Culture and Humanities Learning Community

The Arts, Culture and Humanities Learning Community is designed for students who are passionate about exploring the essence of what it means to be human-to communicate through the power of the written and spoken word, to express creatively our deepest emotions and grandest aspirations, and to engage other cultures while considering how we uniquely relate to the global community.

What our students are saying:

"This learning community expanded my horizons unbelievably. The trip to Cleveland to see the Maltz [Museum] was fun and I learned a lot. The presentation at the Maltz was inspiring to me as a student. It was also really cool to see the Superman house."

"The book choice for this class is awesome. The graphic novels were very interesting. Again, they broadened my horizons."

"I liked the small size of the learning community and the special events like the Maltz Trip and movie nights. It made it easy to make friends and feel involved in the College [community]. I am a commuter student, so it would have been much harder for me to meet people if I wasn't involved in the Learning Communities."

"By letting us choose a particular learning community to join, the College gave us an opportunity as freshmen to meet like-minded people."