Betty Clifford, MS | Faculty

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

1 (440) 375-7354

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

College Hall

College Hall 317


M.Ed. and B.Ed., Cleveland State University

What makes Lake Erie College a unique place? 

I have the opportunity to work with exceptional students. Our classes are small and I teach multiple courses allowing me to know my students. Their energy, desire to learn, and excitement about their future are rewarding. Being involved in their academic career from freshman orientation to graduation is a privilege. The students of mathematics create their own study groups and collaborate with each other. They form a bond that lasts beyond graduation. Degrees:

  • M.S., Mathematics

  • B.S., Mathematics

  • Licensed AYA Mathematics

Courses Taught:

  • MT 324 - Abstract Algebra

  • MT 323 - Linear Algebra

  • MT 303 - History of Mathematics

  • MT 300 - Modern Geometry and Logic

  • MT 210 - Calculus

  • MT 110 - Pre Calculus II

  • MT 109 - Pre Calculus I

  • MT 107 - College Algebra

  • MT 105 and MT 106 - Mathematics for Education

  • EDA 401 - Math Method for AYA

  • EDE 340 - Math Methods for Early Childhood

  • HU 125 - Critical Thinking Through Math and Science

College Involvement:

  • Faculty Adviser for the Science, Health, Environment and Math Learning Community

  • Faculty Director to Lake Erie College Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

  • Faculty Adviser to LEC YARN – Needle Work Student Association

Research/Creative Activity Interests:

  • My area of concentration in mathematics is the algebras. Through teaching multiple courses I have been able to integrate algebraic concepts in my classes as well as having the students become aware of how mathematics is intertwined in all contents. I also have created the Critical Thinking Class as a point of view of math and art.

Primary focuses:

  • I enjoy seeing math in other fields such as art. It is so enjoyable to walk through an art museum and see math in the sculptures, art, and textiles. Finding math in the art of the ancients to modern day is wonderful.

Awards/Professional Memberships:

  • Lake Erie College Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Ohio Magazine Excellence in Teaching

  • Honorary Faculty Member of Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

  • Lake Erie College Athletic Department Faculty Recognition


  • American Association of Mathematics

  • Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

  • Member of Lake - Geauga High School/Higher Ed Consortium advisory panel


  • Reviewer:Viewpoints: Mathematical Perspective and Fractal Geometry in Art, Marc Frantz & Annalica Crannell

Career Accomplishments:

  • My career accomplishments involve guiding the success of our math majors, of whom I’m especially proud. We’ve had three AYA Education Math Majors receive the OCTM student of the year scholarship, one present at the Youngstown State Undergraduate Research Conference, and one present at the NCTM regional conference.

  • Have Passion for what you do. Whether you are a teacher, work in research, or in business, it is the passion that makes you successful. You will find joy in everything and excitement in the little steps that we sometimes miss. – My accomplishment is if all of my students leave my class with this thought.