Parking on Campus

Any student who brings a vehicle onto the campus is required to register that vehicle and obtain a parking pass that must be displayed at all times. In order to register the vehicle, the student must complete a form that includes the license plate number, make and color of the vehicle. The first registration hangtag is provided to the student at no cost; replacement tags are issued at a cost of $50. Automobile registration is handled with Safety and Security 440.375.7575, which is located in the lower level of the Holden Center.

Residential students are permitted one personal vehicle on campus. Recreational vehicles and/or trailers cannot be parked on campus. Residential students provide the Security Department with additional information such as their residence hall, room number, and campus telephone number.

All students must observe the parking signs and parking restrictions. Commuting and residential students are assigned to a specific parking lot by Campus Security. No student may park in front of College Hall or the lower Holden Center lot. Parking violations will result in fines and/or a towed vehicle.

Students are required to inform the Security Department if their hang tag is missing, if they change their vehicle or their license plate number.