Equestrian Clubs

Clubs which our students are active in include:

  • Laddie's Legacy Club
  • Pre-Veterinary Club
  • Equine Leadership Council

Laddie's Legacy Club

This club is named for our founder, Laddie Andahazy, who promoted Lake Erie College, the Equestrian Program, and our fine horses. The Legacy Club assists with raising funds for the support of the Equine Studies Program.

Each year the club awards the Laddie's Legacy Cup to the student who demonstrates great sportsmanship and dedication to the program. The award recipients school horses, model great sportsmanship, collaborate with all the clubs and teams, and help with show management.

Pre Veterinary Club

Lake Erie College has a club for students interested in veterinary medicine. Students tour area veterinary hospitals, share advice on veterinary college admission processes and attend conferences. The club assists students in planning the proper courses throughout their undergraduate years and utilizes alumni and upperclassmen experiences to better prepare students for their future in veterinary medicine

Equine Leadership Council

The Equine Leadership Council is composed of student-elected leaders from all areas of the Lake Erie College Equine Studies Department. The mission is to serve fellow equine studies students by acting as a liaison between students, faculty, staff and administration.

This group provides a forum for discussion about issues in the Equine Studies program. Equine Leadership Council is responsible for assisting in the planning for the State of the Equine Address, clean up day, Fun Night, Open Campus days and the Annual Recognition Dinner. They also hold class meetings and assist in preparation of promotional materials.