Community Based Learning Symposium will reunite Spanish students with community partners


Photo Credit: Jenn Doershuk, Three students standing together On Monday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the LEC Spanish department will hold conversations on relationship-building with Painesville’s Spanish-speaking community.

Last fall, Spanish students at Lake Erie College spent time immersed with predominately Hispanic local organizations. Now, those community partners have been invited to attend a Community Based Learning (CBL) Symposium where students will reflect on their experiences and what they have learned.

Partners included organizations such as Painesville City Local Schools, Compadres Mexican Grill, The Salvation Army and others.

Student Taylor Braddock said, “It was definitely cool to see two full Spanish speaking business owners communicate with their English speaking workers and amongst themselves.”

Other students saw aspects of a culture previously unknown to them, but even more came to better understand themselves as communicators.

Sammie Jo Adkins said, “As someone who has a hard time stepping out of my shell to communicate with people in English, being in a setting where I need to converse in Spanish greatly influenced how I view the process of getting to know others. I am grateful to have had such a rewarding experience while carrying out my CBL.”

Dr. Jaclyn Salkauski, Assistant Professor of Spanish, and Spanish Instructor Alicia Fernandez plan to continue the CBL experience in later semesters based on positive student feedback.

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Photo Credit: Jenn Doershuk

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