Disability Coordination

Lake Erie College has developed policies concerning students with disabilities.

Lake Erie College will:

  • Conform to the applicable federal, state and college / university policies, regulations and definitions regarding students with disabilities.
  • Provide services that comply with external and internal policies and laws to qualified students through the services of the Learning Center.
  • Uphold academic standards in the context of these policies and services.
  • Commit its departments and faculty to making reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Require students to provide or cooperate in providing necessary documentation in order to be eligible to receive services.
  • Assist qualified students with disabilities in obtaining reasonable accommodations.
  • Maintain legally appropriate confidentiality for students with disabilities.

For additional information, please contact the Director of the Student Success Center, successcenter@lec.edu.

Please review the following for additional information regarding Disability Coordination through the Student Success Center.