Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2017

In December 2016, President Brian Posler announced to the campus the formation of an institutional Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. In the announcement, he proposed the following goals for the Task Force:

  • To craft a definition and rationale for our commitment to diversity, and to ensure it is well articulated in important College documents, the website, and throughout the campus;
  • To develop plans designed to increase the diversity of hiring within our faculty and staff, and;
  • To foster increased diversity and social justice programming on campus for students, faculty and staff.

Key desired outcomes are:

  • To foster a more diverse faculty and staff and student body that reflects the diversity of our community and that can see itself reflected in curriculum, programs and campus activities;
  • To support a deeper understanding of how we can build capacity for interactions in our multicultural community, and insuring that all students and employees feel welcome and valued;
  • Incorporate key elements of the process in our next strategic plan.

Complete Plan