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Doctorate in Pharmacy | Lake Erie College & University of Findlay’s College of Pharmacy

Students who participate in the accelerated chemistry program at Lake Erie College (LEC) can apply to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in 3 years from Lake Erie College and a Doctorate in Pharmacy degree in an additional 4 years from The University of Findlay (UF).

  • The 3+4 program involves accelerated completion of LEC's chemistry degree in 3 years and completion of a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at UF program in 4 subsequent years.

  • 7 seats are guaranteed for qualified Lake Erie College students each yer.


  • Participate in the LEC acceslerated chemistry program as an incoming freshman

  • Be admitted to the Chemistry major

  • Earn a B.S. in Chemistry and completion of all prerequisite coursework with a grade of "C" or higher (Prerequisites may not be repeated)

  • Maintain of an overall GPA of at least 3.2

  • Meet all non-didactic requirements

Additional details pertaining to the UF portion of this agreement can be found at