Dr. Beth Walsh-Moorman Brings Teaching Experience to the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts


For professors at Lake Erie College, teaching is just part of the story. Dr. Beth Walsh-Moorman, assistant professor of literacy also works as the editor for the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts (OJELA).

Dr. Walsh-Moorman started at Lake Erie College in July, 2018, and oversees the coll

ege’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Literacy and Reading Endorsement programs. Her arrival has been highly beneficial for the School of Education and Professional Studies.

Since August of 2018, Dr. Walsh-Mooreman also holds an esteemed position outside of LEC as the editor of OJELA, the official journal of the state organization Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA). The OJELA has a circulation of about 2,100 language arts teachers of all levels and has received national awards. As editor of the journal, Dr. Walsh-Moorman coordinates the call for, submission and revision of content. She works closely with authors to make improvements after review, and oversees the design and copy-editing.

Her past experience prepared her for balancing these two roles. Her first career was as a newspaper reporter, before she spent 20 years working in high school English classrooms. Dr. Walsh-Moorman was transitioning from teaching high school to her new role at LEC when the editor position became available.

“To me, this opportunity offers me a chance to sort of ‘marry’ my two careers,” Dr. Walsh-Moorman said. “That is, I feel like I am using the skills I developed in both careers in this capacity.”

As a professor, Dr. Walsh-Moorman considers it important to stay fresh and relevant for the in-classroom teachers in her program. Digital literacy is a constantly changing landscape, and even young teachers need help keeping up with the technology.

“OJELA is a resource that supports teachers in their instruction and offers them resources and ideas to meet these demands, and that is something that matters to me.”

In this way, a close relationship with OCTELA is beneficial for Dr. Walsh-Moorman as a professor. Similarly, her position at LEC keeps her in touch with teachers in a way that she can relate to her editorial duties.

“Today's teaching climate is very demanding, and teachers often feel isolated in their jobs. OCTELA has remained a strong advocate for all teachers, especially English language arts teachers, in the state of Ohio. I love being part of an organization that is responsive to the needs of teachers and works closely with state leaders to elevate the voices of those teachers. The connections I have made through this position offer me meaningful support and a perspective as I support the students of Lake Erie College. We are a small school, but we need a large vision, and this work helps me do more of that.”

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