Early Notification System Division of Student Affairs

Early Notification System

The Early Notification on-line referral is a service offered by the Division of Student Affairs designed to identify, as soon as possible, students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure. This form allows faculty (full and part time) and staff to alert the Student Success Center of any student not making satisfactory academic progress and/or who is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty (i.e. non-attendance or adjustment issues). Once a student has been identified via the form below, the Director of the Student Success Center, the Student Life Office, and/or the Registrar's Office will attempt to contact and work with the student in an effort to improve the student's academic performance and overall success a Lake Erie College.  Please complete the form below including as much information as you have available and submit the form online. Thank you for your assistance in helping our students reach their highest potential.

Note: Form fields appended with the asterisk (*) are required to ensure the best possible response to your submitted information
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