Excellence in Action - PA Program Excels at Every Measure


PA Program Excels at Every Measure
by Sean Kramer MSPAS, PA-C

Three themes keep coming up. When students, faculty, staff, and employers were asked about what makes a Lake Erie College PA student unique, three consistent themes emerged:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Personable
  • Motivated

From our staff, faculty, administrators, students, alumni, preceptors, and to employers, our program has always been centered around its people.  While a program often measures its quality by the outcomes of its students, I would like to think that it is our culture that leads to these great outcomes.  While most agree that our students are knowledgeable, personable, and motivated, I believe all of the people who have roles in our program possess those same qualities.  Together, all of our greatest recent accomplishments were possible from these attributes.

As you may be aware, 100% of all of the students from the Class of 2018 passed their PANCE board exam on the first attempt!  This makes a 100% PANCE pass rate for the Class of 2016, 2017, and 2018 since the program’s inception. In addition, students scored higher in almost every system and task than the national average.  Our students have shown they have an incredible amount of knowledge that is necessary for superior medical care.

This could not have been met without all of our dedicated faculty and preceptors spending thousands of hours preparing our students to provide the best healthcare possible.

Even more recently, the program received ARC-PA Accreditation-Continued status for 10 years!  As you may be aware, the program was placed on Accreditation-

Probation status in 2016 after a monitoring provisional visit.  This was primarily in relation to addressing the Programmatic assessment process.  The faculty and staff spent hundreds of hours seeking consultation, identifying best practices, developing a plan, making multiple improvements throughout every phase of the program, preparing a comprehensive final provisional application, and preparing hundreds of documents of evidence.  Despite the challenge we faced, the faculty and staff showed amazing motivation to demonstrate the excellence of the program. As a result, the program received the maximum accreditation possible!

While student board certification and accreditation are some of our greatest successes, there are innumerable others.  Other recent successes include preparing a mission trip to Honduras for medical, dental, and vision care, fundraising for Coats for Kids, fundraising over 500 cans of food, obtaining a nccPA Oral Health grant, development of ultrasound into the didactic curriculum, utilizing the simulation center at Akron City Hospital, and the improvement of OSCE assessments. And this does not capture all of it.

The common theme among all of our success is that it was all our people working together, motivated to do the best job possible.  The future is bright with the Lake Erie College PA Program. Stay thirsty for knowledge, personable, and motivated.

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