Internship and Clinical Observation Program

The Internship and Clinical Observation Program is an academic credit bearing program that includes internship and clinical observation opportunities. Students that are required by their major or interested in completing an experience for elective credit must first discuss how to fit that experience into their academic course load with their faculty advisor. Students can receive help in their internship or clinical observation search by contacting Career Services for a one on one appointment. Students must also secure a faculty sponsor who will be responsible for meeting with the student and grading them throughout the semester.

It is extremely important that students begin their search prior to the semester they wish to complete their internship. All internship paperwork must be completed and turned in to Career Services by the Registrar Add/Drop Class deadline for the intended semester. Please see the Student Section of the Internship and Clinical Observation Materials for more information.

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To Apply, Turn in to Career Services:

Internship Application & Learning Objectives with the Internship Description & Updated Resume.