Help to honor Professor Emerita Carol P. Ramsay


Dr. Carol Ramsay set a spark of devotion. Now in retirement, the former professor passes her legacy on to former students and current capable faculty members in the School of Education and Professional Studies. Designed in her honor, two planned smart classrooms will emulate Dr. Ramsay’s people-oriented teaching style.

"Dr. Ramsay has stood with the School of Education for the past 26 years through many evolutions with State and National Accreditation. She showed unwavering dedication to students and the college,” said Dr. Katharine Delavan, dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies and associate professor and coordinator of Early Childhood Education.

In 1991, Dr. Ramsay joined the faculty of Lake Erie College. She held a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Youngtown State University, a Master of Education degree in elementary administration from Westminster College in Pennsylvania and a Doctorate of Education from The University of Akron.

Over more than a quarter century, she supported student learning, certificate and licensure programs and accreditation. She held positions as field director, coordinator for the NCATE, TEAC and CAEP, associate dean for professional development, and associate dean for teacher education and Master of Science in education.

Former students speak of her as kindhearted, caring, dedicated and inspiring.

“I always thought she was hilarious,” said Hez Knapp ’09. “The first time I was in her class, she explained that she preferred to be called ‘doctor’ because she worked hard for her doctorate. Then she followed it with, ‘I might have worked harder for the ‘Mrs.’ actually.’ She is a wonderful person.”

Future students will know her impact. Costing $35,000 overall, the planned smart classrooms will transform the experiences of both pre-service teachers and in-service teachers taking professional development courses at Lake Erie College. A plaque bearing Ramsay’s name will symbolize her legacy.

To hold pace with monumental leaps in the field, future LEC students will collaborate in a realistic learning environment with up-to-date furniture and technology, including interactive whiteboards and Chromebooks.

Donors’ gifts will purchase items from the catalog here, such as a whiteboard or chair costing around $80 or $200. They may also combine gifts to make a group or class donation. All donors may visit with Dr. Ramsay and explore the finished classroom at a dedication ceremony in January 2018. To give, click here.

Alumni Cara Mia Duncan ’99 said, “I remember the moment I decided to return to Lake Erie College as a post baccalaureate student in the education program. The first person I called was Dr. Ramsay. I realized this was just the start of calling on Dr. Ramsay—throughout the program she was my compass.”

Continuing, she said, “I cannot think of my career in education without the link to Dr. Ramsay.”

Lake Erie College wishes Dr. Ramsay a blissful retirement, though it is doubtful that she will ever stop teaching and transforming lives.

For more information about the campaign for smart classrooms, contact Pam Palermo 440.375.7225 or

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