Herb Dill

Herb Dill, Director of Physical Plant

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Herb Dill is the son of parents who immigrated to the United States from Germany. Following high school, Herb attended Lakeland Community College where he earned an associates degree in medical technology. He then pursued a bachelors degree from Cleveland State University with a major in electrical engineering technology, followed by a certification from West Side Institute of Technology in environmental conditioning.

Before Herb arrived at Lake Erie College in 2006, the institution lacked an internal physical plant department. Herb seized the opportunity to start one in-house. According to Herb, "I began working for LEC because I was able to bring my knowledge of a physical plant department and still be able to do hands-on work.

Though he joined the Colleges staff as the Director of Physical Plant close to a decade ago, Herbs favorite thing about his job remains the ability to work directly with his tools to repair everyday problems. "I enjoy being challenged by the different situations that come up on a daily basis, he said. "Its nice working closely with my employees so I can help train them when needed. Herb also enjoys taking in the views at the George M. Humphrey Equestrian Center, where the landscape is picturesque.

Herb feels most successful in his job whenever he and his employees are able to solve emergency situations or difficult problems. He enjoys the fact that LEC is small and intimate, allowing for the campus to remain chemical-free.

For anyone considering working in a physical plant department, Herb recommends seeking out whatever training or schooling is necessary to expand your skillset. He also recommends that everyone, regardless of career path, remain in school and finish their degrees. "An education is incredibly valuable, he said.