HU111: E-Portfolio Development

During the Spring semester of their first year, all members of the LEC Learning Communities take an additional class: E-Portfolio Development. Over the course of the semester, the students are encouraged and aided in the development the structure and the beginnings of their own individual e-portfolio, an at-a-glance electronic representation of their goals and ambitions, their skills and accomplishments, and their growth throughout their careers at Lake Erie. At the end of the semester the top e-portfolios are selected by a panel of judges, and the winners are awarded a special prize. For all of the students participating, however, the opportunity to work on an e-portfolio that will enhance not only their academic and social experience at LEC, but also will aid them in landing internships and later on job prospects, is a unique one, exclusive to the members of the LEC Learning Communities.

Here is how the Dean of the LEC School of Business, professor Bob Trebar, describes the e-portfolios:

"In over 25 years in the world of business, I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people, many, like you will be, right out of college. To be honest with you, it's very difficult to make one resume stand out from another, especially when you are 22 years old. Imagine this: instead of that tired piece of paper in my inbox, up shows on my tablet a five-minute electronic version of your story - what's unique and special about you. A story that you built (with a little help from your friends) over four years at Lake Erie College. Now you have my attention. Let's do lunch; I want you to join my team! "