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The best approach to a job or internship search is a multi-faceted one. Career Services provides one on one job search coaching. We highly suggest registering for Tiberius Network, not only to access Lake Erie's online job and internship database, but also to network with our alumni. Additionally, Career Services provides resources from outside the institution for online postings, career fairs, and networking opportunities.

Job Search Resources


Having an effective resume and cover letter that articulates your education and experiences to employers in your industry is crucial for a successful search. Career Services provides one on one resume appointments and workshops for classes or student organizations. The first step is to start brainstorming about your experiences - classes you've taken, volunteer efforts, part time jobs, internships, etc. - and get them on paper.


The key to a strong interviewing is research, preparation, and practice. Career Services offers Interviewing Strategies as a workshop for classes and organizations and one on one appointments to provide tips and mock interviews. Interviews can consist of different types of questions, from traditional (Tell me about yourself) to behavioral (Give me an example of a time when). You may also experience panel or group interviews. When scheduling the interview, it is appropriate to ask who you will be meeting with so that you can prepare.