Jeanna Purses Contributes to Latest ALAO AI Online Workshop

Lake Erie College’s director of the Lincoln Library, Jeanna Purses, has co-organized the Academic Library Association of Ohio’s latest AI Workshop titled “Actionable Design Justice for the Academic Library.” This is her latest endeavor as co-chair for the Assessment Interest Group for the ALAO.

The ALAO AI Workshop focuses on making digital learning objects inclusive of marginalized voices within various institutions. It follows the librarians from the Ohio Five as they grapple with the question of how to involve students in the quest for inclusive digital learning objects across their institutions.

“Libraries, in the ideal, have long aimed to be inclusive and have worked towards fairness: librarians want all groups to have access so that they promote equity and global understanding in local communities and beyond,” Purses said. “This is just a new iteration of the age-old library struggle to be at the forefront of meeting the needs of all of our constituents. This will be an exciting conversation over a perennially important topic.”

The CODEX Grant helped the Ohio Five in the quest to reframe the ACRL Framework and helped the group turn towards Design Justice – a concept that centers on community-led design processes and outcomes that empower marginalized voices.

The group of Ohio Five Librarians are going to be introducing Design Justice Principles and how they relate to anti-racism. The workshop will also address how this group of librarians are working towards actionable integration into the instructional design process.

Attendees will get to participate in discussions and exercises that explore how to engage with the principles in their own libraries and everyday practices. Registration is open now at: